Batman: Arkham City Trailer Reveals Fairly Obscure Major Villain

12.14.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

The latest trailer for Batman: Arkham City reveals a major new villain for the video game…one that unless you’re a bat-fan, you’ve probably never heard of.

He’s Hugo Strange, an evil scientist that’s one of Batman’s oldest villains (he first appeared waaaay back in 1940), but never got the same publicity with the general public as villains with more obvious gimmicks like The Joker or The Riddler. He’s best known for a storyline from the 70’s where he discovered Bruce Wayne’s identity and tried to auction it off to Gotham’s villains, although he was also seen occasionally in Batman: The Animated Series, The Batman and Justice League.  (He’s also known for his distinctive Amish-style chinstrap beard.)

There’s been some debate about who’s playing Strange, with some on the internet saying that he’s got to be voiced by Christopher Lee. But it’s more likely that Strange is being voiced by Corey Burton, best known for voicing most of the villains in the animated Clone Wars series…and for being a voice actor on just about every animated series from the last 25 years. (If Strange sounds a little Lee-esque, Burton does a good Lee impression as Count Dooku on Clone Wars.)

Check out the trailer after the jump!


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