Chinese Scientists Invent Awesomest Method of Nuclear Fusion Ever

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Nuclear fusion is one of those Holy Grails of science that seem JUST out of our reach. It also happens to be really boring to discuss the nuts and bolts of it, as a general rule. Basically, you’ve got a bunch of devices that can do something pretty neat, namely fuse atoms together into a different type of matter. But the problem is getting the thing to actually create any energy. So far, it’s been boring and unrewarding.

So leave it to the Chinese to spice things up: they want to fire a teeny, tiny diamond bullet into a bunch of crystallized methane at two million miles per hour. Why? Well, when you fire the bullet that fast into the crystallized methane, it creates a shockwave in the crystal, not to mention incredible heat and pressure. That, in computer simulations, is enough to trigger fusion.

Hell, forget advancing human understanding of atoms, we just want to see a teeny little sparkly pegged into a block of solidified fart gas at 620 miles per second. Beijing, what do you need to make this happen, and has anybody bought the video rights?

[ via Gizmodo ]

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