Dee-1 Feat. Mannie Fresh – “The One That Got Away” Video

08.02.11 7 years ago 8 Comments

Dee-1’s honesty is always striking, no matter how many times I hear his music. It bleeds through every lyric he writes. Instead of forcing himself to be something he’s not, or coming up with some contrived gimmick, Dee-1 just lays it down straight, spitting what’s in his head and heart every time out, as seen and heard in “The One That Got Away.” As the girl he loves slips away with another man, Dee-1 puts himself above the fray, examining the situation from all angles and delivering the truest, most honest, thoughts he can. He may not be coming with the same fiery passion he did on “Blue,” but the scope of this track is special.

Plus, as an added bonus, Mannie Fresh comes through with a video-stealing cameo. He delivers a little off-hand wisdom as Dee-1 breaks it down, runs interference for dude when when need be, and all the while, manages to keep the cookout going smoothly by manning the grill. That’s yeoman’s work. And he even made the beat, flipping the smooth piano chords of Carl Thomas’ “I Wish.” They were perfect for Thomas’ tale of love and loss, and they work beautifully for Dee-1’s as well.

I Hope They Hear Me Vol. 2 is available for download now.

As an extra, check the method as Miss Dimplez presents “Face Time With Dee-1,” recorded during the Texas Summer Music Conference held a few weeks ago in Dallas, Texas. Watch, listen and learn as the NO MC talks about “The One…” being the song to win fans over, being personable in the industry, not cursing in his music and branding.

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