Light-On-Light Crime: The Chris Brown-Drake Club Fight

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06.16.12 56 Comments

Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. According to various reports, Drake supposedly got into an altercation with Chris Brown late last night/early this morning, that left Breezy with a nice reminder of why he should never fight over p*ssy.

As the story goes, the two were at a NYC nightclub and words were exchanged, which led to flying bottles and Brown Instagram’ing the picture of his wound, revealing a cut chin. In a series of deleted tweets from Chris, the singer claims he was hit with a bottle by a “p*ssy nigga” who later ran into the club’s bathroom for safety. We assume he’s talking about the Champagne Papi. For anyone who’s not been keeping tabs on Rihanna’s bedroom buddies, Rih Rih is the common denominator between Drizzy and Breezy.

I don’t care about any of this but, if they did scrap, it cements my beliefs about Rih’s magical poon.

Update: We think we have footage of the fight. Check it below.

Update #2, 6.15.12: As the fallout from the Wednesday night melee continues, Tony Parker revealed himself to be among the collateral damage. Barely into summer vacation, the Spurs guard was hit with stray glass shards in his eye, and suffered a scratched cornea. Thankfully (or not, depending on who you root for), the injury doesn’t seem to be potent enough to hinder the upcoming season, but Tony’s participation in the Olympics may possibly be an issue. It’s just a shame “the best rapper of the three” had to bare the worst of the damage. Per his Twitter, fellow NBAer Iman Shumpert was also at Club WIP that night but was escorted safely out by security before the bottles started popping.

Via other sources, it also looks like Drake was the one who initially approached Chris at the club, who didn’t back away from the confrontation and a few minutes later bottles were flying every which way. As more details surface, the NYPD is investigating the whole situation and may be looking to pursue arrest warrants for C.B. and/or Drake. That’s definitely bad news for Chris Brown because he’s still on probation in the first place for a certain altercation that very well may have been the catalyst for the fight two nights ago. — Raj

Update #3, 6.16.12 — The whole incident goes from bad to worse for all involved, or at least Drake. The NY Post is reporting that Drake will face charges stemming from Wednesday’s barroom brawl. Allegedly, a witness came forward to police stating that Drake tossed a bottle, an act that could see him slapped with reckless endangerment chargers.

Of course, the Post’s news and sources should always be taken with a grain of salt. Right now, TMZ says the story’s malarkey and no charges are pending, according to their sources. Others have followed suit stating that the NYPD has no current plans to arrest Drizzy.

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