Dizaster Punches Math Hoffa During Rap Battle, Full Fight Video Emerges

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06.30.14 37 Comments

Stylin on ya. Dose’d. Woo. And now “Do it.”

Four glorious incidents of guys getting punched mid-battle rap that will no forever live on in infamy, and what do three of those incidents have in common? Brooklyn’s Math Hoffa.

Saturday night at famed battle league King Of The Dot’s annual “Battle of Los Angeles” LA’s own Dizaster finished his final round by punching Math square in the jaw, inciting a brawl and ending the event all at once.

I struggle to call this a sucker punch, seeing as Math was literally telling Diz to punch him, and looking dead at him. And no, I don’t really feel sorry for Math, seeing as he made “Dose’d” a verb in battle rap, and single-handedly ended Summer Madness 3 when he Dose’d Serius Jones. General rule is you punch enough guys and crack jokes about it, eventually someone is going to punch you, too.

What I don’t like is that this seems a little premeditated, although Diz has denied such on Twitter. After the punch, when chaos ensues, two more people attack Math alongside Dizaster, and he later admitted they were his friends. As you can surmise, Diz has spent the rest of his weekend explaining himself, while Math on the other hand pretty much laughed the whole thing off.

Plenty of battle fans have rushed to call this a “black eye” for the sport, Royce Da 5’9 even said on Twitter he was “disappointed” and Total Slaughter* tweeted that a potential sponsor canceled a meeting late Saturday. Sure, whatever guys. But I tend to look at this a little like Peter Clemenza.

Incidents like this need to happen every now and then to clear up all the bad blood. Now we’re pretty much rid of Math and Diz, two guys I had long ago soured on who haven’t done much in recent times other than hit people. There are apparently talks of an actual boxing match between the two now, and I guess that could work, and if they want they could add female battlers Phara Funeral and Ms. Hustle to the undercard, as they had a scuffle of their own over the weekend.

Anyways, clearer footage of the punch and ensuing brawl, starting around the 2:30 mark in the video below.

* – Quick thoughts on Total Slaughter: the show is nothing more than a promotional vessel for Slaughterhouse. The foursome are portrayed like rap gods on the show, while the actual battlers that are featured are depicted as amateurs who pale in comparison. Making matters worse is the constant presence of Loaded Lux and Murda Mook, who are constantly elevated as above the other battlers and the choking of the unprepared contestants in the unconventional 90-second battles. Also, who the hell cancels a meeting after midnight, on a Saturday? I call bullshit on this one.

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