Father And Playboi Carti Don’t Have Time For People Who Are ‘Fake AF’

07.10.15 3 years ago

While he isn’t everybodys cup of tea just yet, Father knows how to make a big tune. For evidence, look no further than his latest remix of the “Fake AF” banger, now featuring Playboi Carti. While sounding hyper similar to the original cut, the new vocals on this version give the song another boost as Father’s profile continues to rise across the Internets.

These minimalist beats are becoming a signature of Father’s sound and with his rumbling low-end basslines becoming the soundtrack to every pop-up shop and afterparty around the country, it could soon become the next wave to follow.

Check the original video below and test the joint out at your next houseparty to truly understand the power of ATL’s new tsunami. Also, since we’re already talking Father, watch his new video for “Cheap Thrills,” taken from his Boys & Girls EP from summer 2014.

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