First Look At Green Lantern’s Kilowog

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08.10.10 16 Comments

The Kilowog pics are after the jump, since some people might consider that a spoiler (I don’t). Also, I’d just like to pretend for a moment that “Kilowog” is slang for something else while I stare at that headline and the banner pic for a moment.  Nice.

Anyway, during the San Diego Comic-Con producer Donald De Line said (first video here) that Kilowog would be in Green Lantern. Now CBM has a first look at the CGI rendering of Kilowog, the kickass genetic scientist alien who trains all new Lantern Corps recruits.

First, here’s the concept art, via BleedingCool:

Now heeeeeere’s Kilowog:

The suit really accentuates his collarbones and neckrolls.  Work it, gurl.

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