The Friday Cheerleader PostHouston, we have a boner

11.02.07 11 years ago 15 Comments
You heard the ladies, no parking on the dance floor.

The Houston Texans cheerleaders had a Halloween party. Maybe some of you had the chance to go to a party like this– where wanton harlots shake their goods like nobody’s business. If you did, then I sincerely hope you and everyone you care about dies a slow, painful death. I spent my Halloween watching watching television and seeing how many Laffie Taffies I could shove in my mouth at one time (Answer: seven).

As you might have gathered from the shiny new badge on the right, we have been nominated to defend our Best Sports Blog crown in the 2007 Weblog Awards. A quick scan of the nominee list show we are definitely the most deserving again this year.

  • First, you have to throw out the ones that aren’t even real blogs like FanHouse and SB Nation. Express & Star is a goddam newspaper. I mean if newspaper blogs are fair game then Dan Steinberg should be nominated (just kidding, he’s shitty too).

  • F1 Fanatic: Look, we already lost a Bloggie to the Arse-holes, we don’t plan on going down to anymore Brits.

  • EDSBS: run by a drunken kid-toucher. I think you get on an FBI file just by going to that site.

  • On Frozen Blog: Fucking hockey, man.

  • Deadspin: Just say no to the Gawker-Medellin Cartel.

  • Hardball Times: Actually does a good job of capturing the excruciating ennui that is Major League Baseball

  • On the DL: This safe-haven for loose-lipped floozies updates maybe once every two months. How they got nominated, I’m afraid to guess. (No, I’m not: bullshit promises of Vegas hummers.)

  • Diecast Dude: Not nominated this year/dipshit.

So there you have it: KSK once again deserves your vote(s) since every one else pretty much sucks out loud. Vote early and often.

Now back to the gratuitous T&A.

“You will help me get my rucksack down for the Swedish meatballs?”

Okay, you can bring your mom as long as she dresses EXTRA slutty.

More hot pics at TEAMSMOKE.US

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