G-Dog Just Wants To Kick It, Give Low Fives, Yo (video)

08.20.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

Step right up, come one, come all! Introducing Japanese robo mutt G-Dog, the reason that your real life pup’s days are numbered. G-Dog does all the cool sh*t that your boring a** best friend doesn’t do. It holds a steady paying job at the local movie theater, prepares ready-made lunches for school and will even battle local MC’s in rap competitions. Then again, the more I think about it, it’s becoming quite clear that G-Dog doesn’t really do any of those things -in fact, G-Dog pretty much does exactly what every regular dog does anyway. Well, aside from the whole “dragging a dead skunk through the dog door and dropping it right on top of your Fantastic Four issue #106 from January 1970. Not to mention that you can control the b*tch from a remote.

G-Dog stands 19cm tall, weighs 570g and is powered by a 7.2V Ni-MH Battery. Once charged, the robot can run around for about 45 minutes. Owners can control him via a wireless joypad or upgrade him with extras, for example additional joints (there are nine in the basic version).

Depending on the number of extras, G-Dog retails for between $815 and $930. Maker HPI says they won’t sell the robot to customers residing outside Japan but recommends contacting “local robot shops” instead. [CrunchGear]

So, for all you readers in Juneau, Alaska, you heard it here first: just head on down to your local robot shop. But seriously, for the demographic out there that has accidentally killed their significant other’s dog (before they get home from work) you’d best head on over to G-Dog’s English site and order one of these pronto. Speaking of which, could someone please lend me $930 ASAP. I’ve got an issue that needs fixin’.

Video after the jump:

Video courtesy of DigInfo in Tokyo.

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