KILL KILL KILL: Puma Perseverance

04.09.15 3 years ago 31 Comments

Climbing trees is hard, you guys. The puma eyes a tasty sloth lurking above and gives a few abortive efforts before getting pissed off. C’mon, get up that tree, puma. Get mad! There’s killing to be done! The sloth might have kept out of reach but got too comfortable, stayed low and hung out between branches. Act like you been there, sloth, smh. All the puma had to do was stick its claws in the sloth’s backside. There’s a brief standoff during which the sloth gives this face:



From there, you know death is soon to come. The payoff must mean a lot to the narrator – who I thiiiiinnnk is Brian Cox – because he starts to wax poetic. “It is said that the spirits of the forest keep track of all the lives.” WELL LOOKS LIKE THE FOREST HAS ONE FEWER LIFE TO TRACK, HUH.

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