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No, this isn’t another post about what to do with a square meter of epidermis, this is about concrete cloth, the winner of the Material of the Year Award from Material ConneXion.  It’s a concrete permeated canvas that can be formed and tacked down as easily as a thick cloth, but once exposed to water (including rain and seawater) it becomes a waterproof, fireproof, bullet-resistant concrete surface that lasts for 10 years.  They’re now using it for lining ditches; reinforcing pipes, gabions, bunkers, and sandbag walls; creating shelters; and making impromptu driveways and helipads.  They would also be using it to make Hello Kitty sculptures and trap people inside an Arby’s, if they were cool like us.

The three ads below show the cloth in action.  The first and last video show its multiple civil engineering and military applications.  The second video shows how they make a 269 square foot (25 square meter) inflatable shelter using two people without any special training.  It takes less than an hour to set up, is ready to use in 24 hours, can withstand the pressure of being covered with earth, and has a sterile plastic liner that makes it possible to be used for emergency medical relief.  Or, it could make a really great porn cave in the backyard.  I’m just sayin’.

[Banner pic via MAKE]

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