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02.12.10 3 Comments

Well, it’s official.  The Spider-Man reboot will be 3-D, just like everything else, despite the relatively-low budget.  Oh, this’ll end well. [Filmdrunk]

Daniel Tosh destroys an iPad.  Real iPad or a prop, this is still funny. [WarmingGlow]

‘Star Wars: Knight Errant’ Announced As New Comic and Novel [ComicsAlliance]

Picture gallery: what your toys are doing now.  Mine better be in their box under the bed, or my roommates have some ‘splaining to do. [HolyTaco]

The hallucination scene from 30 Rock, with a Jon Hamm cameo (video autoplays) [InsideTV]

The Super Bowl edition of LOLNFL. [KissingSuzyKolber]

Summit Entertainment may break the fourth Twilight book into two movies.  FML. [InsideMovies]

Great sports moments recreated in video games.  They need the rainbow road level of Mario Kart to recreate that Dock Ellis no-hitter. [Unreality]

VIDEO BELOW: Employees at a Japanese zoo practice their “dealing with an escaped tiger” protocol . . . on a guy in a tiger costume.  I love you so much, Japan. [via ToplessRobot]

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