Meet Mr. Finley: Episodes Two and Three

06.06.10 9 years ago 11 Comments

Las Vegas is commonly associated with tourism & casinos, fortunes lost & won, sun-cracked deserts & legal prostitution. If anything, grisly images of Tupac’s death are the first association that comes to mind when one hears “Las Vegas’ rap scene.” That was over a decade ago and those images need recasting. As one of the first voices to rep the town, Mr. Finley’s task is to not only bring attention to himself but his hometown.

Quite obviously, we prefer to start from the ground up with artists and watch them grow. It’s part of our history and creed, taking the reins of the bandwagon for the ones we feel like have the most potential and abilities. Just like many others we’ve championed, Mr. Finley has the skills and a message, but perhaps not the limelight. At least not right now. In this continuing series of webisodes filmed by Best Of Both Offices and presented in conjunction with Ghet-O-Vision Ent., we hope the world begins to understand more about The Talented Mr. Finley. Coupled with a mixtape with DJ Skee set to drop soon, things should begin to progress and ears will be served proper notice.

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