More Awesome Red Dead Redemption Glitches

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05.25.10 4 Comments

Last week we came bearing news of invisible horses in Red Dead Redemption.  The start of that sentence didn’t sound right, but I can’t say it’s inaccurate either.  Now here’s a fresh load of videos with more funny glitches. This first video [via Kotaku] is of Gunslinger Dog, who showed up at Fort Mercer, floating in midair, speaking like the taco bell dog and giving you a boost over the wall.  I’m starting to think these glitches are all intentional for the humorous viral marketing potential.  It’s working.

The second video is of the Donkey Lady, a strange-faced woman who makes donkey noises and lets you ride her like a horse.  Let’s just assume I made a yo’ mamma joke here and we can move on.  We cool?  This is one of those gaming videos where the background conversation actually adds to the fun instead of distracting from it, in the same vein as ladder goat.  Oh, donkey lady.  You’re so random.

The third video is a surprisingly well-edited musical tribute to the Bird People . . . getting shot in the head.  *kisses fingertips* Magnifique.

[last two videos via Destructoid, who have two more glitch videos (Cougar Man and Demonic Horse)]

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