na na na na na na na na BATVAN

Entertainment Editor
11.16.10 4 Comments

What you see here is a king among rape vans, or as we call them here in the Uproxx offices, “molestation enthusiast conveyances”.  Jalopnik found this gem in the gallery of scary Japanese rape vans molestation enthusiast conveyances at Speedhunters.

The goddamn Batvan is made from 8000 pounds of fiberglass and pure sex. The driver also carries around a scale replica of the van (of course) and a full-sized Batman statue (for the carpool lane).  And if there’s any doubt whether this qualifies for the prestigious “Uproxx rape van of the week” ribbon, check out the writing on the side: “Welcome to a world without rules.”  Indeed, Batvan. Where we’re going, we don’t need rules. *dumps chloroform into Mr. Fusion*

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