New Old Republic Trailer Also Better Than All The Prequels

06.16.10 9 years ago 7 Comments

It’s become hack to talk about the Star Wars prequels being horrible. With so much already said about the clumsy dialogue, wooden acting and just plain Lucas-Why-Should-I-Care-About-All-This-Stuff nature of them, who wants to hear about them again?

And then another trailer for the Bioware’s Star Wars MMO The Old Republic comes out and is so much more watchable than all those three film combined.

Video after the jump:

Is it because we don’t have any of Lucas’ incredibly impossible-to-read dialogue? Or is it just that five minutes of pure action is always preferable to an overly plotted film featuring space embargoes? Did we learn nothing from the first Clone Wars cartoons?

More info about the game also came out at E3: players will be able to have (and customize) their own ship, like every MMO it’ll feature gear progression and it looks like the game will have PVP battles. But none of that really matters.

All I care about is that I’ve never played an MMO, and I really want to suit up and be a Jedi in this thing.


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