Someone Stole Your Beer? Pabst Will Fix That

05.03.12 6 years ago 21 Comments

Photo: Studio386

Do you know what’s good? Pabst Blue Ribbon. Do you know what’s great? The fact that Pabst Blue Ribbon could replenish your beer supply if someone were to rob you of your PBR.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln student Jessica Robertson discovered this altruistic corporate policy last week. Robertson was drinking on her back patio when two men asked for a beer. When she declined, one man flashed a knife and bolted with the case*. A PBR rep saw the story and came to Robertson’s apartment with cases in hand, even staying to down a few with Robertson and her roommates.

Let it be known that the Los Angeles-based brewer prides itself on being more than just Williamsburg, Brooklyn, residents’ and blue collar workers’ favorite brew. That blue ribbon is f*cking deserved because PBR works for the people.

Now that’s just grand.

Do you know what it isn’t? Miller Light. That shit sucks. They’d never replace your stolen case.


* – A sign that the economy still hasn’t improved that much: people are now robbing other people for cheap beer.

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