Rockwell Knuckles Feat. Tef Poe And GLC – “Stranded”

07.12.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

Rockwell Knuckles has apparently opened up the floodgates as he’s dropping gems left and right. The latest pits him against another unorthodox beat this time from KT The Terrible. As always, Rocky takes the beat and makes it his own, making it bend to his will like a 747 in front of Magneto. Not to be lost in the shuffle are the lyrical contributions from Tef and GLC, who find themselves at home. And of course no song is complete without a little tabernacle action from Chicago’s most renowned semi-reverend not named Jeremiah.

Of course, the subject excessive sexy time with ladies isn’t quiet fit for any pulpit you’re familiar with. But who’s counting?

Rockwell Knuckles Feat. Tef Poe & GLC – “Stranded” (KT The Terrible)

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