Spidey Musical Even More Doomed?

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12.20.10 5 Comments

Just a quick item continuing our coverage of “Spider-Man: Flip the Light Switch Turn Off The Dark”: it’s even more doomed than we thought!

What’s going wrong this time? Well, they’ve decided to delay opening the show for a month to come up with a new final number and maybe, er, what’s a nice way of putting this…totally rewrite a big chunk of the freaking script.

It’s getting to the point where this isn’t even funny anymore, it’s that bad. Julie Taymor, who is insane [allegedly], and Bono are completely out of their depth here. That’s patently obvious at this point. Millions in cash and the blood of the cast (well, the bones of the cast; they keep breaking limbs due to the unsafe wirework) have been sacrificed for a show that’s already getting lousy reviews. We’re really not sure what could salvage this show. Well, not sucking, but that seems to be off the table.

[ via the Sinister Six at the New York Times ]

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