Superman to Kneel Before Zod

10.05.10 8 years ago

Yesterday, noted d-ck jokesmith Vince brought us the glorious news that Zach Snyder was offered the job of directing the Superman reboot.  Snyder has gone on to give several interviews confirming he took the job.  Now here’s another update. Get ready to kneel before the Kryptonian of your choice:

The Hollywood Reporter claims that Goyer’s script is “rumored” to have a connection to the original Richard Donner film, and Zod is at the center of this new story. While THR uses the word “rumor”, I have heard that Zod is the villain from two other independent high-placed sources. [/film]

I don’t see how the new Zod could possibly live up to Terence Stamp, but I’d like to see them try.  Also, there’s no Superman that could live up to Christopher Reeve in my mind, because, as we all know . . .

I’m very sorry.

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