The Mannings Are In A Boy Band

07.12.13 5 years ago 12 Comments


At least they are in what appears to be their latest foray into shilling for DirecTV. TMZ got a photo of the Mannings on the commercial set in New Orleans. And while the novelty of the look might wear off once the ad starts appearing during every commercial break come football season, the fact that DirecTV is filming more Sunday Ticket ads means football season is approaching and that’s a good thing.

Sample Eli boy band lyric: “Girls are icky, but mom says you’re different. You’re mom’s choice. Oh yeah, mom’s choice.”
Sample Peyton boy band lyric: “My neck ain’t real, but our love is, girl. I’m watching hours and hours of tape on you, yaaaa.”

Alas, poor Cooper. See all the spoils he missed out on by not getting to be a pro quarterback. That could him with a feathery mullet.

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