Tron Guy Reviews Tron Legacy

Entertainment Editor

Wired arranged for Jay Maynard (the living meme who is Tron Guy) to see Tron: Legacy and report back on the enormity of his bespandexed nerd boner.  He liked the movie. Surprised, right?  He describes it as “visually stunning, intellectually engaging and emotionally exhausting” which is also how I felt the first time I spanked it to his sexy website.  Tron guy even says he had fight off tears as the credits rolled.  And he types the nerdiest sentence I’ve ever seen in a review: “The filmmakers even go so far as to show a (mostly) accurate re-creation of a SunOS 4.0.1 X console. (The only blooper was that the machine type was an i386.)”  *slow clap*

The full review is over at Wired, if you want to read him mentioning at least three times that he should have been involved in the marketing of the film, and ends his review by asking Disney to “throw me a bone for being in some part responsible for awakening the franchise from the dead in the minds of the public”, such as giving him an official Tron: Legacy costume “so people who ask me to make appearances get the new film in their heads.”  Keep dreamin’ the dream, Tron Guy.  But please don’t acquire a Tron: Legacy costume.  We’d rather picture Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde when we think about those suits.

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