We’re Up To Here In New Green Lanterns

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08.23.10 6 Comments

ComicBookMovie recently released pics of more Green Lanterns.  Those pics had to be taken down, but not before other sites saved them.  The first seven below are from Geekosystem, the next eight are from BleedingCool, and the last one was saved when I had the chance (I seen it).  So who are these fifteen more Green Lantern Corps members posing for the camera?  Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Saleek — pessimistic loner who’s been doing this a long time and plays by the book.   Totally needs a devil-may-care sidekick who doesn’t play by the rules.  A dog in sunglasses, maychance?
  2. Rot Lop Fan — blind and born in a part of the universe devoid of light, where Green Lanterns manipulate the energy of the power ring using sound, specifically an F sharp.  Is that the brown noise?
  3. M’Dahna — over 1000 years old, probably loves reruns of Matlock.
  4. Galius Zed — big ol’ head.
  5. Morro — Crypt keeper for the Lantern Corps. Protected by four dratures (similar to dragons) he raised after killing their mom during a misunderstanding.  I hate when that happens.
  6. Boodikka — Badonkadonk.
  7. Princess Iolande — a total princess, dude.
  8. Larvox — mute and asexual, great fun at parties.
  9. G’hu — former prison guard who single-handedly (tentacle-edly?) ended a prison uprising by kicking everyone’s a**.
  10. Naut Kei Loi — looks delicious.
  11. Hannu — warrior who prefers to use his own strength instead of the power ring.  If you’re not using that ring, can I have it?
  12. Apros — telekinetic, telepathic, and able to control minds, he is also one of the oldest and most-decorated Green Lanterns.  He helps rookie Green Lanterns overcome their fears, probably by touching them with his creepy squid arms till nothing seems scary by comparison.
  13. Medphyll — an intelligent plant.  No, really.
  14. Isamot Kol — a humanoid lizard soldier who killed his commanding officer for being a coward and was saved from execution by a power ring.  Bailed on the Lantern Corps to knock up a girl back home, but she had already taken another mate.  Was this the storyline of Dawson’s Creek? I never watched it.
  15. Tomar-Re — a scientist who was close friends with Hal Jordan and tried to save the planet Krypton.  Ask Superman how that turned out.

Sadly, Green Lantern Cat will probably not be featured in the movie.  Please don’t tell him it’s not that kind of lantern.  He’s very excited about his cosplay.

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