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Italy Really Wants You To Buy A Piece Of Poveglia, The Most Haunted Island On The Planet

By | 2 Comments

You could soon own the most haunted place on Earth when Italy auctions off Poveglia. Better hope the Wayans Brothers don't beat you to it!

Conan Discovers The Wondrous Paintings Of Former Presidents George W. Bush And Bill Clinton


George W. Bush had his new batch of paintings on exhibit at his presidential library, but Conan uncovered another president's love of art.


Is This CCTV Footage The First Real Look At Banksy Or Is This Just Another Elaborate Ruse?

By | 11 Comments

Banksy is back on his home turf with some new art and it seems that one of Britain's dozens of CCTV cameras might've caught him in the act.


A Teen Is In A Coma After A Friend Squeezed His Testicles And Gave Him A Heart Attack

By | 7 Comments

Wearing a cup around your friends probably isn't a bad idea after reading this story.

German Fright Tales

Tatiana Maslany Shared Some Disturbingly Violent Childhood Fairy Tales On ‘Conan’

By | 7 Comments

And you thought 'Goosebumps' was scary! Tatiana Maslany has stories that would make Mother Goose sh*t herself.


Watch These People Compete For The Toughest Job In The World With A Heartwarming Twist

By | 9 Comments

These people think they're getting the cruelest job in the world, but soon realize they've been hit with all the feels.


Imagine ‘Mad Men’ As A Bad Ass Blaxpoitation Film And The Result Would Be ‘Don-O-Mite’

By | 3 Comments

If 'Mad Men' was really a 70s blaxploitation film, it'd be a whole lot funkier. Also everyone would be African American.


Witness The Amazing ‘American Hustle’ Transformation Of Conan’s Hair Before The MTV Movie Awards

By | 2 Comments

Who knew that so much work went into making Conan's hair look as good as it does?

Chicken Pizza

Domino’s Finally Gives The World What It Desperately Needed: Pizza On Top Of Fried Chicken

By | 8 Comments

Domino's Pizza has unveiled their newest nationwide sensation: Pizza With Chicken For A Crust.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon Became Tom Petty To Recreate The Video For ‘Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around’ With Stevie Nicks


Jimmy Fallon as Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks as Herself, and an introduction by Nirvana's Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic. It doesn't get much better musically.


The Super Mario Bros Learn The Hard Way Why You Shouldn’t Break Blocks With Your Head


When things get a little too real for the Super Mario Bros in the Mushroom Kingdom, thanks to Pete Holmes.


Conan Took ‘Clueless Gamer’ To AT&T Stadium To Play Video Games On Jerry Jones’ Gigantic Screen

By | 2 Comments

Conan takes 'Clueless Gamer' on the road to play games on one of the largest screens in the world. It's acceptable to be jealous.

Oldest Bottle

A Lucky Fisherman Found A Record 100-Year-Old Message In A Bottle In The Baltic Sea


The next time you write a message in a bottle, just think about how all the headlines you'll be getting in a hundred years.

Hip Hop Classics

Anne Hathaway Covered ‘Gin and Juice’ And ‘B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibe’ On Jimmy Fallon’s Show Last Night

By | 19 Comments

Jimmy Fallon and Anne Hathaway team up to transform hip hop classics into tame, smooth Broadway show tunes.

Crazy Talk

Calm Down, Folks! Captain Janeway Set The Record Straight On That Sun Revolving Around The Earth Fiasco

By | 10 Comments

Kate Mulgrew caused a stir earlier when we found out she lent her voice to a crazy geocentrist documentary, but now she's setting the record straight.


Rob Lowe Has Discovered That Drinking Is The Best Strategy To Deal With His Kids Going Off To College

By | 2 Comments

Rob Lowe has taken up one of the oldest, most reliable hobbies in the world for when his kids finally leave home to go off to college.

Several Movie Studios Have Hit Kim Dotcom And Megaupload With A Lawsuit

By | 2 Comments

Several movie studios have filed a copyright suit against the Megaupload founder and others involved in the service.

Rust Cohle Impressions

Pete Holmes Proves That Being Rust Cohle From ‘True Detective’ Ruins Everything (Even Puppies)

By | 4 Comments

'The Pete Holmes Show' might be late to the 'True Detective' bandwagon, but they provide a funny look at Rust Cohle's cynical nature.


Christina Hendricks Thinks She’d Be The Perfect Fit For A Role On ‘Game Of Thrones’

By | 15 Comments

Christina Hendricks just keeps looking better and better, but how would she look in an outfit from 'Game Of Thrones?'


Buffalo’s Mighty Taco Has Gone Ahead And Banned Vladimir Putin From All Of Their Restaurants

By | 5 Comments

Buffalo's Mighty Taco has taken the offensive against Russia's invasion of Crimea by banning Vladimir Putin from all of their restaurants.

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