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One Of The Vaping Teens From That New York Times Article Was Actually Just A Hoax


The New York Times might've been expertly trolled by someone on Twitter posing to be a vaping teen. And it's actually pretty funny.

#Shia Labeouf

What’s The Deal With Shia LaBeouf’s New Jedi-Esque Braided Rattail?


Is it an artistic statement? Is it a 'Star Wars' reference? Is Shia LaBeouf famous once again? Let's investigate.

#Batman vs. Superman

The LEGO ‘Batman V Superman’ Trailer Is Actually Darker Than The Real Trailer


The parodies of the 'Batman V Superman' have arrived, with LEGO leading the charge into the darkness.


You Can Now Own ‘The Flintstones’ House In Real Life For The Bargain Cost Of $4 Million

By | 6 Comments

Feel like raising the modern stone age family? Save up your change for this real life 'Flintstones' house in Arizona.

Cat Calling

Watch This Man Proceed To Cat Call In The Middle Of An Anti-Cat Call Report

By | 12 Comments

This man apparently couldn't help but do a little cat calling before finding out he was in the middle of a anti-cat calling report.

Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais Continued To Mock That Utah Huntress For Her Morbid Photos On Twitter

By | 40 Comments

Ricky Gervais has some strong opinions on Rebecca Francis hunting photographs and shared them on Facebook, drawing controversy.

#The Simpsons

Ted Cruz Might Be A Huge Fan Of ‘The Simpsons,’ But The Minds Behind The Show Don’t Love Him Back

By | 9 Comments

Ted Cruz revealed his favorite episodes of 'The Simpsons,' misquoting it in the process, but it turns out the show does not like him back.


Kansas Police Seized A Child And Arrested His Mother After He Defended Medical Marijuana During A School Presentation

By | 9 Comments

An 11-year-old's in-school defense of medical marijuana use has landed his mother in legal trouble, including a heated custody battle.


Here’s Daniel Tosh’s Comical Take On All Of Those ‘Stolen Valor’ Videos Popping Up Online

By | 14 Comments

Watch Daniel Tosh take on the 'Stolen Valor' viral trend, giving his own award and adding that 'Tosh.0' flavor.


Watch Conan And Jordan Schlansky Work Together To Solve Their Way Out Of Escape Room LA

By | 2 Comments

Conan's latest remote puts him and Jordan Schlansky in a mystery room, looking for clues to escape. It's the scenario they were born for.


The New ‘Duck Dynasty’ Musical Is Such An Emotional Experience, It Made Willie Robertson Cry

By | 3 Comments

You can currently see the 'Duck Dynasty' musical in Vegas, but it might end up being an emotional experience.

#Viral Videos

Watch This Gyro Pilot Illegally Land His Copter On The Capitol Lawn To Protest A Worthy Cause

By | 6 Comments

This postal worker from Florida was determined to fly his copter to DC and protest Congress, planning for two years. Today he went for it.

#Game of Thrones

Enjoy ‘Game Of Thrones’ While You Can Because The Show’s Creators Say The End Is In Sight

By | 54 Comments

The minds behind HBO's adaptation of 'Game of Thrones,' already knew how the show would end, now they might know when it will end too.

Microwave Ovens

A Rash Of Mysterious Radio Signals Turned Out To Actually Be A Bunch Of Microwave Ovens

By | 5 Comments

Mysterious radio signals that have puzzled scientists for years have just been revealed to be the result of people using their microwaves.

#The Walking Dead

Robert Kirkman Is Already Teasing Reunions And Major Character Deaths For Season Six Of ‘The Walking Dead’

By | 76 Comments

Season six of 'The Walking Dead' is still months away, but Robert Kirkman is already dropping bombs about plots and major character deaths.


‘Constantine’ Was Reportedly Canceled By NBC Before Being Uncanceled By The End Of The Day

By | 19 Comments

The status at 'Constantine' at NBC is shockingly up in the air despite low ratings. Will it be canceled?


Angela Kinsey From ‘The Office’ Enjoys Telling Her Mother To Clean Out Her Old, Musty ‘Fraidy’ Hole


Angela Kinsey from 'The Office' shares the story of her mother's 'fraidy hole' with a liquored up Conan and Timothy Olyphant,


Mark Wahlberg’s Boston Marathon Bombing Movie Is Rubbing Boston The Wrong Way

By | 15 Comments

Turns out that Boston isn't exactly ready to sit in a movie theater and relive the Boston Marathon Bombing, even with Mark Wahlberg.

Jewel Heist

London Police Have Released Footage From The Wild Easter Jewel Heist Worth Nearly $300 Million

By | 5 Comments

London police have released footage of the thieves behind the amazing Easter weekend heist involving nearly $300 million.

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