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#Iggy Azalea

If You’re Enjoying Jennifer Lopez And Iggy Azalea In ‘Booty,’ You Have This Director To Thank

By | 4 Comments

Director Joseph Kahn is laying claim to the creation of the booty movement in popular music. You're welcome?


This Driver Nearly Caused An Accident With An Illegal U-Turn And Then Got Some Instant Karma In Return


Sometimes you do get an instant reward on the road when you seem someone being a jerk. It can taste quite sweet.

Name These Films

Can You Name All Of These Classic Films Recreated Using Only Stock Footage?


Dissolve stock footage recreated some classic movies using their vast stock footage library and you'll get a cookie if you can name them!


Please Enjoy This 5th Grader’s Note Written After Discovering The Dead Kennedys

By | 9 Comments

This note was allegedly written by a 5th grader after discovering a Dead Kennedys' album at her local library. Pure magic.


4Chan Managed To Troll iPhone Users Once Again With The Introduction Of ‘Wave’

By | 9 Comments

Last time they told users than an app could make their phone waterproof. This time it's all about charging phones in the microwave.

#True Detective

Colin Farrell Has Confirmed His Role In ‘True Detective’

By | 19 Comments

Colin Farrell had been rumored for 'True Detective' season two since the beginning. Now it is confirmed along with some more plot details.

#Comedy Central

‘The Daily Show’ Forced An Awkward Showdown Between Native Americans And Washington Redskins Fans

By | 21 Comments

Producers at 'The Daily Show' might've went too far when they made a group of Redskins fans face a group of Native Americans.

#Kanye West

James Franco And Seth Rogen Reveal The Story Behind Their ‘Bound 2′ Parody And Kanye West’s Reaction

By | 2 Comments

You've heard pieces of the the full story, but now James Franco and Seth Rogen are giving the full details on their 'Bound 2' parody.


A Funny Nic Cage Story Leads The Highlights Of Idris Elba’s Reddit AMA

By | 14 Comments

Idris Elba was charming as always during his Reddit AMA and we've collected the best bits for you to enjoy.


Here’s AC/DC Wearing Swimsuits In Case You’ve Ever Wondered About That

By | 2 Comments

Summer is coming to a close, so we thought we'd look back at what we'll be missing via this photographic gem featuring AC/DC.


Here’s Hannibal Buress Recounting The Time He Had The Landlord From Hell While Living In LA

By | 2 Comments

Hannibal Buress tells Conan about the time he rented a house in LA and his landlord spied on him and criticized him over the phone.

secret service

The White House Was Evacuated After A Man Jumped The Fence And Managed To Make It Inside

By | 5 Comments

A man hopped the fence at The White House and managed to make it inside before being stopped by Secret Service.

#Batman vs. Superman

Did You Catch This ‘Man Of Steel’ Easter Egg That Totally Reveals Aquaman For ‘Batman V. Superman?’

By | 29 Comments

Before we see the entire slate of heroes in 'Batman V. Superman,' did we already catch a sly reference to Aquaman in 'Man of Steel?'


Watch Seth Rogen And James Franco Cause International Mayhem In The Red Band Trailer For ‘The Interview’

By | 6 Comments

Get a better look at what sort of raunchy surprises await this Christmas with the red band trailer for 'The Interview.'


This Paddle Boat Wedding Proposal Doesn’t End The Way This Gentleman Had Hoped

By | 5 Comments

This guy planned out every aspect of his wedding proposal, waited for the right moment, and then forgot to hold tight to the ring.

#Jimmy Fallon

Seth Rogen And James Franco Surprised Jimmy Fallon With A Music Legend For His 40th Birthday

By | 5 Comments

Jimmy Fallon celebrates his 40th birthday on 'The Tonight Show' with a very special surprise by a naked James Franco and Seth Rogen.


Scotland Decides That It Doesn’t Like The Idea Of Independence After All

By | 26 Comments

The votes have been counted, the flags have been raised, and one side is very disappointed with the outcome.


Here Are The Priceless Reactions To Tonight’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers Massacre On ‘Thursday Night Football’

By | 10 Comments

Tampa Bay took the field tonight against the Atlanta Falcons, but couldn't do much else besides tweet updates. Fans noticed and responded.


What If Apple Took Their U2 Removal Tool One Step Further And Removed The Band From Your Memory?

By | 10 Comments

Imagine if Apple didn't just allow you to remove U2 from your library, but from your entire existence.

#Jimmy Fallon

Watch Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton Have A Lip-Sync Battle Against Jimmy Fallon

By | 24 Comments

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are back for another season of 'The Voice,' but decided against using them in this 'Fallon' lip sync battle.

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