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In Shocking News, Kat Dennings Admits She Was A Goth Kid Growing Up

By | 6 Comments

Kat Dennings admits to Conan that she was a goth kid that idolized Wednesday Adams and slept like a corpse.

#Viral Videos

These Two Folks Are The Real Losers In The Battle Between Car And Parking Gate


There are more poor decisions in this 30 second clip than all of Hell Week combined.

Pee Wee Herman

A New Pee-Wee Herman Movie Is Imminent, According To Pee-Wee Himself

By | 9 Comments

Paul Reubens sat down with Rolling Stone and gave some very strong hints that a new movie was ready to be announced any moment.


Watch Justin Bieber Get Worked Over By Floyd Mayweather During A Sparring Session

By | 11 Comments

The folks at 'Conan' have some fun with Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather, but somehow we don't think this is far from reality.

#The Walking Dead

Why Is Norman Reedus Keeping Andrew Lincoln’s Beard In His Fridge?

By | 6 Comments

'The Walking Dead' star has a very particular reason for keeping his co-star's beard chilled next to the fruit in his fridge.


Alan Cumming Gives His Point Of View Of Shia LaBeouf’s Drunken ‘Cabaret’ Outburst


Alan Cumming was at the receiving end of Shia LaBeouf's drunken Broadway tantrum and now he's talking about it with Conan.


Here’s Your Most Recent Reminder To Not Feed The Bears At The Zoo

By | 13 Comments

Bears across the globe had a busy weekend being bears and demanding respect.


Patriot Rancher Cliven Bundy Is Back With A Friend And A Message For Those Who Called Him Racist

By | 7 Comments

Cliven Bundy returns to prove he is a brave white man that isn't afraid to talk about race, even in awkward political ads.


Ben & Jerry’s Will Not Rename Their ‘Hazed And Confused’ Ice Cream

By | 27 Comments

Despite complaints and calls for a change, Ben & Jerry's will not be changing the name of their Hazed & Confused ice cream.


This Old Dude Absolutely Owns The Stage During This Live Band Karaoke Session

By | 10 Comments

This guy doesn't hold back during this live band karaoke and it pays off with an amazing show.


Save Some Time And Relive The Entire ‘Halloween’ Film Series In This Two Minute Recap

By | 3 Comments

Refresh your memory of the 'Halloween' film series just in time for the very holiday that gives the films their name.

#Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen Joined Forces On Stage With Bell Biv Devoe To Raise $900,000 For Alzheimer’s Awareness


The third annual Hilarity for Charity event featured an awesome prom theme with Seth Rogen performing with Bell Biv Devoe.


Watch These People Freak Out Over This Gruesome Chainsaw Massacre Prank

By | 7 Comments

This video might leave a few details out, but the actual prank is effective and frightening.


Critics Of That Paris “Butt Plug” Sculpture Have Finally Gotten Their Wish

By | 5 Comments

Critics of the controversial art piece in Paris are celebrating the destruction of the piece today.

Adult Diapers

The Depend Adult Diaper Fashion Show Is An Interesting Way To Raise Awareness

By | 4 Comments

Depend adult diapers is trying to change their image while raising awareness and decided a fashion show/concert was a good place to start.


This Caribbean Cruise Is Being Turned Around Due To Ebola And A Reporter Is Tweeting From On-Board

By | 10 Comments

Eric Lupher is Tweeting some truth about what is happening on-board the cruise ship currently facing an Ebola scare.

#Batman vs. Superman

A New Rumor Says ‘Batman V. Superman’ Will Feature A Female Robin, And It Makes Perfect Sense

By | 52 Comments

An NBC affiliate in Detroit is reporting the rumor that Batman's sidekick is in the new movie and will be female.


The Foo Fighters Closed Out Their ‘Late Show’ Residency With A Top Ten List


The Foo Fighters had to do a Top 10 list to end their stay with David Letterman. It wouldn't be right otherwise.

#Jimmy Fallon

Bradley Cooper And Jimmy Fallon Wore Silly NFL Visors To Play Egg Russian Roulette

By | 6 Comments

Bradley Cooper and Jimmy Fallon put down the guns and play a safer version of Russian roulette.

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