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A Man Uncovered A Rare, Official Version Of The Original Playstation From Sony And Nintendo

By | 3 Comments

The son of a former Sony employee has found an official version of the original Playstation created in partnership with Sony and Nintendo.


‘Batman’ Nearly Caused Danny Elfman To Have A ‘Nervous Breakdown’

By | 2 Comments

Danny Elfman looks back on his career, revealing the most stressful work he's done and how 'The Simpsons' is still paying benefits.


The Death Metal Version Of ‘Grease’ Should Be The Only Version Of ‘Grease’

By | 2 Comments

'Grease' gets the death metal treatment in a video that will either save or ruin the beloved music for you.


‘Sports Illustrated’ Cover Girl Hannah Davis Wants You To Have A Happy 4th Of July

By | 2 Comments

Hannah Davis is prepared to help you ring in America's birthday with the pool and the spirit of liberty.

#Viral Videos

Enjoy This Homeless Man’s Entertaining Piano Rendition Of Styx’s ‘Come Sail Away’

By | 6 Comments

This Florida homeless man enjoys entertaining pedestrians with his hidden piano talents. Here he is with Styx's classic 'Come Sail Away.'

#Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey Apologizes For Using A Young Boy’s Photograph During His Vaccination Twitter Rant

By | 9 Comments

Jim Carrey has apologized to the family he "distressed" during his Twitter rant against California's new vaccination laws.

local news

Watch As This San Francisco News Crew Is Mugged Live On-The-Air

By | 14 Comments

Security for San Francisco news reporters is becoming an issue after this latest mugging during a live report.


This Judge Has A Tearful, Sobering Reunion With A Middle School Classmate In Court

By | 8 Comments

A judge in MIami-Dade, Florida ran into an old classmate during a hearing in court. Then things got emotional.

#Key And Peele

‘Key & Peele’ Introduce Us To The ‘Fake Ass Gangster’ That Will Roam The Streets This Season


Armed to his teeth and dressed in the classiest of fashion, you might think this gangster is a threat. He is not.


‘Nothing Is Taboo’ For Ryan Reynolds And ‘Deadpool’ According To Producer Simon Kinberg

By | 9 Comments

When 'Deadpool' finally arrives in theaters, we will be treated to an experience that crosses the line and then turns around to blow it up.

#The Daily Show

Jon Stewart Gives The Proper Reaction To Ted Cruz’s Audition For ‘The Simpsons’

By | 8 Comments

Ted Cruz busted out his best imitations of characters from 'The Simpsons' and it left Jon Stewart stunned on national television.


Tom Cruise Might Finally Be Ready To Leave The Church Of Scientology

By | 33 Comments

Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology are reportedly butting heads over his family, forcing a strain on the once tight relationship.

shark week

Hannibal Buress Spares All Expense To Promote His Show During ‘Shark Week’


Hannibal Buress threw on a shark costume in order to promote his show during Shark Week and the results were something.


Bobby Jindal’s #AskBobby Twitter Q&A Turned Into An Absurd Disaster

By | 18 Comments

Bobby Jindal asked the users of Twitter to pose him questions using the hashtag #AskBobby. The result was a goulash of hilarious questions.

fantastic four

Someone Should Find Ben Grimm Some Pants In This New ‘Fantastic Four’ TV Spot

By | 13 Comments

Kanye West provides the soundtrack to the latest 'Fantastic Four' TV spot, featuring the young hip heroes showing off their powers.


Aaron Paul And Others Decide To Ask Apple’s Siri To Divide By Zero And Things Get Snarky


Folks like Aaron Paul are asking Siri to divide by zero and the Apple helper isn't taking it too kindly.


Marshawn Lynch Got To Live Out His Skittles-Fueled Dreams On ‘Conan’

By | 17 Comments

Conan gives Marshawn Lynch to live out a dream he possibly didn't even know he had: do an end zone into a large pool of Skittles.


Marvel Head Kevin Feige Claims The New ‘Spider-Man’ Will Be Influenced By John Hughes

By | 19 Comments

Kevin Feige reportedly took some inspiration from John Hughes in order to craft a new direction for Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


‘J. Peterman’ From ‘Seinfeld’ Reveals His Favorite Monologue That Never Made The Show

By | 4 Comments

The man who played the fake J. Peterman on 'Seinfeld' sits down for an interview where he reveals his favorite monologue from the show.


Elizabeth Berkley Has Finally Come ‘Full Circle’ On Her Role In ‘Showgirls’

By | 7 Comments

'Showgirls' has apparently never rubbed star Elizabeth Berkley the right way, until now at its first public screening in 20 years.

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