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julia roberts

Watch As Jimmy Fallon Throws Balls In Julia Roberts’ Face

By | 6 Comments

Jimmy Fallon had some Phantom HD cameras hooked up and threw some inflatable balls at Julia Roberts face. Must see TV is back!

fire challenge

The Fire Challenge Is Definitely The Dumbest Thing You Will See This Lifetime

By | 10 Comments

If you haven't heard of the fire challenge, back away slowly. There are idiots at play.


Marvel Has Trademarked A Very Special Character For A TV Or Film Appearance In The Near Future

By | 14 Comments

Marvel must be planning to bring this fan favorite to life in one way or another. Is it a mistake?

seinfeld 25th anniversary

Celebrate 25 Years Of ‘Seinfeld’ With Julia Louis-Dreyfus And Jerry Seinfeld On ‘The Late Show’

By | 5 Comments

Julia Louis-Dreyfus stopped by Letterman and talked a bit about 'Seinfeld' at 25, but the real treat is the classic clip that came with it.

russell brand

Russell Brand Takes Sean Hannity To Task Over His Views On Israel / Palestine, Calls Him A Ken Doll

By | 32 Comments

Russell Brand takes aim at Fox News again, but we have a few questions about the direction of his revolution.

coffee run

Deadmau5 And Rob Ford Went On A Coffee Run In The Nyan Cat Ferrari

By | 4 Comments

The Nyan Cat Ferrari still rides and is featured prominently in Deadmau5's YouTube 'Coffee Run' show, this time with Rob Ford.

zoe saldana

Zoe Saldana Discusses The Difficulties Of Being Green From Head To Toe

By | 5 Comments

Zoe Saldana had some trouble being green during the filming for 'Guardians of the Galaxy.'

fifty shades of grey

Watch The Roots React To The ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Trailer With A Very Special Added Scene

By | 3 Comments

Jimmy Fallon has The Roots watch the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' trailer and give their best reactions.

dumb starbucks

Here’s Nathan Fielder Bringing ‘Dumb Starbucks’ To Life In Hilarious Fashion On ‘Nathan For You’

By | 16 Comments

You've heard all about Dumb Starbucks, now see how it came to be via 'Nathan For You' on Comedy Central.


An Australian Flight Attendant Told Passengers To Make Sure They Flushed Their Drugs Before Landing

By | 5 Comments

An Australian flight attendant is in some hot water after warning passengers about the drug dogs waiting when they landed.

#jack white

Jack White Was Nothing But Smiles As He Threw Out The First Pitch At A Tigers’ Game

By | 3 Comments

Jack White was at the Detroit TIgers game to throw out the first pitch and he was far from the major grump we've come to expect.

#teenage mutant ninja turtles

Paramount Has Apologized For That Unfortunate ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Poster

By | 14 Comments

Paramount has apologized for putting out a poster for 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' that many found insensitive.

chris pratt

Chris Pratt Can’t Keep His Numbers Straight When Talking About His Amazing Weight Loss

By | 5 Comments

Chris Pratt might've gotten shredded for his role in 'Guardians of the Galaxy,' but he's ready to get back to ignoring his body.

#james franco

James Franco Is Terrible At Giving ‘5-Second Summaries’ For Famous Movies

By | 5 Comments

James Franco and Jimmy Fallon cannot get the hang of guessing films with '5-second summaries.'


OK Cupid Wants You To Know It Experimented On You Because That’s How The Internet Works

By | 8 Comments

OKCupid put out an interesting blog post today admitting they've been experimenting on users, noting that this is how the Internet works.

martial arts

This Japanese Martial Arts Star Breaks Ten Blocks With Her Head And Then Cheerfully Throws First Pitch

By | 7 Comments

This Japanese martial arts star gives everyone a show of skill before throwing out the first pitch. Most impressive.

no choice

‘No Choice’ Frozen Meals Are The Perfect Way To Define Your Pitiful Existence

By | 9 Comments

This parody video describes the hard choice of being lazy in the kitchen and in life. You have no options.

john c reilly

Let’s Hear About The Time John C. Reilly Hustled His Way Around A Renaissance Fair

By | 4 Comments

John C. Reilly is a big fan of the renaissance crowd, so much that he once begged his way around one and pissed off the entire staff.


Something Turned This River In China Blood Red In A Matter Of Minutes

By | 6 Comments

What could've turned this entire river the color red? Was it God? Chemicals? The Kool-Aid Man?


Here’s The Comic-Con Trailer For ‘Arrow’ Updated With The Reveal Of Season Three’s Major Villain

By | 29 Comments

The 'Arrow' season three trailer was released Friday, but the creators couldn't wait to release another and tease a big villain surprise.

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