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Madonna Is Now Comparing The Ageism She’s Experienced To Racism, While Also Comparing France To Nazi Germany

By | 6 Comments

Madonna is bringing up a whole slew of hot topics while promoting her new album 'Rebel Heart,' including her experiences with ageism.


Take An All-Star Extended Look At The Bloody, Sexy, Looney Sixth Season Of ‘Childrens Hospital’


Adult Swim is bringing back 'Childrens Hospital' for a sixth season of sexed up, werewolf changing, life saving fun.


The Grave Of Late Pantera Guitarist ‘Dimebag’ Darrell Has Allegedly Been Vandalized

By | 3 Comments

The grave of late Pantera guitarist 'Dimebag' Darrell has allegedly been vandalized by members of a band that posted the act to Instagram.

#Viral Videos

Watch This Suspected Thief Fail Miserably By Knocking Himself Out With His Own Brick

By | 3 Comments

This alleged thief met his match when the brick he was using to break a car window bounced back and left him in a pool of blood.

#Seth Meyers

Watch Will Forte Bring Back An ‘SNL’ Character To Give A Hilarious Speech Before Seth Meyers’ Wedding

By | 3 Comments

Will Forte busts out his 'SNL' character Hamilton for this funny speech that occurred at the rehearsal dinner before Seth Meyers' wedding.

Blade Runner

The ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel Is Official, With A Brand New Director And A Harrison Ford Return

By | 27 Comments

The 'Blade Runner' sequel is happening and Harrison Ford is along for the ride. Here are the details.

magic mike

Watch These Korean Gals Get All Hot And Bothered While Watching ‘Magic Mike’

By | 11 Comments

These young ladies get their first taste of Channing Tatum in 'Magic Mike' and they will never be the same.

#Jimmy Fallon

Here’s Ice-T Lending His Voice To Improve ‘G.I. Joe,’ ‘Scooby Doo,’ And Other Cartoons

By | 3 Comments

Ice-T stopped by 'The Tonight Show' to provide his signature voice and update classic cartoons like 'GI Joe' and 'Scooby Doo.'

Daft Punk

Daft Punk Have Ditched Their Masks For A New Sculpture On Display In New York

By | 3 Comments

The robotic duo Daft Punk have finally ditched their masks for an art project in New York City, but there's a catch.


Check Out This Short Film That Attempts To Pinpoint Exactly How We Like Our Coffee

By | 4 Comments

How do you like your coffee? This short film attempts to find out why people obsess over the popular brew.


Watch ‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Melissa Rauch’s Naughty Childhood Home Movies From ‘Conan’

By | 12 Comments

Melissa Rauch had no limits as a child, bringing this home movie showing her performing a naughty song from 'A Chorus Line' at 8 years old.

american sniper

The Defendant In The Murder Of ‘American Sniper’ Author Chris Kyle Has Been Found Guilty

By | 9 Comments

A jury has returned a guilty verdict against Eddie Ray Routh for his role in the murder of 'American Sniper' inspiration Chris Kyle.


Check Out This Unreleased Footage Of Marlon Wayans’ Audition For The Richard Pryor Biopic

By | 15 Comments

Marlon Wayans was very close to playing Richard Pryor on the big screen and this unreleased audition footage is proof.

#Parks And Recreation

Here’s Chris Pratt’s Fantastic Proposal For How ‘Parks And Recreation’ Should’ve Ended

By | 14 Comments

The entire cast of 'Parks And Recreation' joined Seth Meyers on 'Late Night,' and Chris Pratt provided the perfect ending for Andy Dwyer.


The NYPD Is Reportedly Using ‘Road House’ To Teach Police Officers To Be Nice

By | 7 Comments

The NYPD is allegedly showing Patrick Swayze's classic speech from 'Road House' to trainees in an attempt to make the nicer on the job.


Watch As Conan And Billy Eichner Try Out Grindr With Disappointing Results

By | 12 Comments

Conan decided to ditch Tinder and explore the world of Grindr with the help of Billy Eichner.

#Jimmy Fallon

Watch Christina Aguilera Whip Out A Pitch Perfect Imitation Of Britney Spears

By | 15 Comments

Christina Aguilera stopped by 'Fallon' and ended up playing Wheel of Musical Impressions, breaking out a nice Britney Spears imitation.


Richard Linklater Says His Mind ‘Has Drifted Towards’ A Possible Sequel To ‘Boyhood’

By | 11 Comments

Despite falling short at the Oscars, Richard Linklater might seek to make a sequel to 'Boyhood.'


The Gang From ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Takes A Look At Some Of The Most Regrettable Tattoos Based On The Show

By | 6 Comments

Fans of 'It's Always Sunny' are a dedicated bunch that seem to enjoy putting the characters of the show on display on parts of their bodies.


Here’s A Much Clearer Look At The ‘Daredevil’ Costume We’ll See In The Netflix Series

By | 21 Comments

We've seen a look or two in the trailer, but this magazine cover provides a clear, bright look at Daredevil's horrible costume on Netflix.

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