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Scotland Decides That It Doesn’t Like The Idea Of Independence After All

By | 26 Comments

The votes have been counted, the flags have been raised, and one side is very disappointed with the outcome.


Here Are The Priceless Reactions To Tonight’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers Massacre On ‘Thursday Night Football’

By | 10 Comments

Tampa Bay took the field tonight against the Atlanta Falcons, but couldn't do much else besides tweet updates. Fans noticed and responded.


What If Apple Took Their U2 Removal Tool One Step Further And Removed The Band From Your Memory?

By | 8 Comments

Imagine if Apple didn't just allow you to remove U2 from your library, but from your entire existence.

#Jimmy Fallon

Watch Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton Have A Lip-Sync Battle Against Jimmy Fallon

By | 24 Comments

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are back for another season of 'The Voice,' but decided against using them in this 'Fallon' lip sync battle.

#Justin Bieber

Jim Jefferies Tried To Give His Niece A Surprise From Justin Bieber, But Things Went Awkward Quickly

By | 7 Comments

Justin Bieber is always willing to help out a fan, but sometimes that fan isn't willing to accept Justin Bieber. BEL


Keith Olbermann Doesn’t Have To Strain Much Pointing Out How The Vikings Mishandled Adrian Peterson

By | 13 Comments

Keith Olbermann doesn't have to destroy, annihilate, or eviscerate the NFL. They've already done enough themselves.


The Satanic Temple Is Offering Some Helpful Religious Literature To Florida Public School Kids

By | 24 Comments

The Satanic Temple is having some fun responding to new rules that allow religious material to be distributed in Florida public schools.


Lifetime Found The Perfect Voice For ‘Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever’

By | 15 Comments

Lifetime announced the perfect voice for their Grumpy Cat Christmas movie and it's hard not to enjoy the news.

Hate Crime

Did This Anonymous Twitter User Just Help Solve A Philadelphia Hate Crime?

By | 43 Comments

A savage hate crime stunned Philadelphia last week, but police may have gotten a break thanks to some heroic users on Twitter.

#Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers’ Personal Doctor Allegedly Took A Selfie Before Her Biopsy And Cardiac Arrest

By | 7 Comments

Joan Rivers' personal doctor may have taken a selfie moments before the surgery that allegedly sent her into cardiac arrest.

#Jimmy Fallon

Listen To Jimmy Fallon And Barbara Streisand Shamelessly Sing A Medley Of Duets

By | 3 Comments

Barbara Streisand was the only guest on 'The Tonight Show' and Jimmy Fallon did everything he could to make it an event.


Here’s How The ‘Minecraft’ Guy Celebrated Microsoft’s $2 Billion Purchase


Mojang, the makers of 'Minecraft,' just got paid by Microsoft and some of the game's characters are enjoying their new wealth.


If You’ve Got A Few Hundred Dollars Laying Around, You Could Attend The Lena Dunham Book Tour

By | 13 Comments

If you are desperate to see Lena Dunham's sold out book tour, some fine folks on Craigslist are selling theirs...for the right price.


Watch Alfonso Ribeiro Own The Dance Floor On The ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Premiere

By | 23 Comments

Alfonso Ribeiro didn't do 'The Carlton' on 'Dancing With The Stars,' but he certainly blew away all the competition.

Stupid Pranks

A California Woman Is In Deep Trouble Over What She Claims Were ‘Stupid Pranks’

By | 8 Comments

A California woman believes that signing a couple up for sex ads and sending strangers to their home were just 'stupid pranks.'


A ‘Django Unchained’ Actress Was Stopped By LA Police Because She ‘Fit The Description’ Of A Prostitute

By | 49 Comments

What should happen if you fit the description of a criminal? Actress Daniele Watts found out just how serious it can be.


This Huge Wasp Nest In A Window Provides The Perfect View Of The Insects At Work

By | 7 Comments

When they aren't stinging, hurting, killing, or creeping us out, wasps and bees can be pretty cool.


Tyler The Creator Likens Apple’s U2 Download To ‘Waking Up With Herpes’

By | 27 Comments

No one seems to like the fact that Apple automatically downloaded the new U2 album directly onto their phones and playlists.


Check Out Cris Carter’s Powerful Statement On Child Abuse From ‘NFL Countdown’

By | 30 Comments

Cris Carter gets personal while making a statement on child abuse during this morning's 'NFL Countdown.'

#Kanye West

Kanye West Stopped A Concert To Ensure Everyone Was Either Standing Up Or Handicapped

By | 24 Comments

Kanye West is very serious about standing at his concerts, so much that he will embarrass the handicapped to ensure it happens.

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