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#Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen Wants Fans To Come Get High With Him In Colorado And Watch ‘The Interview’


Seth Rogen is planning a screening of 'The Interview' in Colorado where the entire audience can get high together.

#Star Wars

Don’t Worry, The New ‘Star Wars’ Trailer Will Be On iTunes This Friday

By | 2 Comments

Check out what 'Star Wars' would look like if handled by Tommy Wiseau from 'The Room' before you check out the full trailer this Friday.

#Star Wars

Check Out Mark Hamill Talking About George Lucas’ Plans For ‘Episode VII’ Way Back In 1983

By | 8 Comments

Did George Lucas really have a plan for 'Star Wars' way back in 1983 or was it just more of the 'magic of myth?'

#Jurassic World

In Shocking News, Scientists Have A Problem With The Dinosaurs In The ‘Jurassic World’ Trailer

By | 60 Comments

Scientists already have a problem with the dinosaurs and science used in the trailer for 'Jurassic World.'


Did Bill Clinton Get Caught Taking A Peek At This Lady’s Boobs?

By | 20 Comments

Bill Clinton might've been caught oogling this woman's breasts. We investigate.


Watch And Compare Black Friday Shopping Today To How It Was Thirty Years Ago

By | 28 Comments

Black Friday used to be a utopian dream of smiling shoppers and whimsical mall Santas. Now it is hell on Earth. What happened?

#Chris Pratt

Let’s Revisit How Chris Pratt Totally Predicted His Role In ‘Jurassic World’

By | 6 Comments

Watch Chris Pratt, in lovable Andy Dwyer mode, manage to joke and predict his future role in 'Jurassic World' during this DVD bonus.

#Fox News

Here’s A Man Smashing A Fox News Camera Live On The Air In Ferguson

By | 29 Comments

Fox News reporter Steve Harrigan encountered some angry individuals on the streets in Ferguson and ended up with a smashed camera.

#Chris Pratt

Listen To Chris Pratt Beautifully Describe The Thrill Of Going Hunting

By | 29 Comments

Chris Pratt manages to convince us that hunting is a beautiful thing in less than two minutes.


Seth Rogen Claims That James Franco Is Embarrassed That People Think He’s Weird

By | 4 Comments

Seth Rogen is out to set the record straight about his friend James Franco. He's not a weirdo, he's just misunderstood.


Bill Cosby Allegedly Made Some Odd Requests When He Stopped By ‘The Late Show’ Over The Years

By | 31 Comments

An alleged story from behind the scenes of 'The Late Show' features Bill Cosby making some very strange requests of the 'Letterman' staff.


Check Out Your Latest Reminder That ‘Community’ Will Be Returning Soon


The cast is on set, scenes are being shot, marketing is happening. 'Community' will be back soon, folks.


The Park Is Open: Check Out The Teaser For The ‘Jurassic World’ Trailer

By | 24 Comments

We get to see Chris Pratt and dinosaur action in this teaser trailer for the 'Jurassic World' Black Friday trailer.

local news

Here’s A Man Admitting He Set This House On Fire To The Local News

By | 2 Comments

This man calmly admits to setting this house on fire while on live TV, claiming to have a good reason for doing it.


This Is The Only Mashup Of ‘Jurassic Park’ And ‘Ace Ventura’ That You’ll Ever Need


This mashup of 'Jurassic Park' and 'Ace Ventura' is incredibly obvious, but still highly entertaining.


A New, Unlikely Rumor Has Idris Elba Playing Apocalypse In ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’

By | 23 Comments

Idris Elba might've canceled the apocalypse in 'Pacific Rim,' but he could be starting it up again for the 'X-Men.'


Bill Maher And Seth Rogen Go Hard Against Bill Cosby On ‘Real Time’

By | 33 Comments

Bill Maher made it clear that he is not a fan of what Bill Cosby allegedly did, calling the comedian a creep on 'Real Time.'


Chelsea Peretti Had Her Beyonce Dreams Come True On ‘The Wendy Williams Show’


During an appearance on 'The Wendy Williams Show,' Chelsea Peretti's Instagram hijinks involving Beyonce became a reality in a good way.


Here’s Woody Harrelson Leading A Marijuana Sing-A-Long In This Bonus Scene From ‘SNL’


Woody Harrelson leads this peaceful, weed inspired sing-a-long in this outtake from 'New Marijuana Policy' on 'SNL'

#Jimmy Fallon

Here’s Jimmy Fallon Taking On Mark Ruffalo And Stephen Merchant In A Cutthroat Game Of ‘Musical Beers’

By | 3 Comments

'Musical Beers' is a play on musical chairs, but with a much more cutthroat spin when Jimmy Fallon is involved.

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