David Guetta Looked Like He Was Tripping Balls At Belgium’s Tomorrowland Festival

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David Guetta looks like he's losing himself right in the middle of his set at Belgium's Tomorrowland Festival. And here's the video to prove it.

Only One Flo (Part 1)

Flo Rida Pays Rent In The Club

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<a href=""> What's your addiction? Is it money? Is it girls? Is it weed? Flo Rida has be afflicted by not one, not two but by all three. Mainly because his place of residence just so happens to be one of Miami's multiple nightclubs and you can find all of the aforementioned vices in abundance. He sleeps on beds of linoleum, showers with 80% proof alcohol and has a DJ act as his personal alarm clock. All this would be pretty scummy if his neighbors didn't happen to be the 5'7", long-haired model types who can keep up all night in designer heels. Check out he's living on his musical rendition of Cribs and the soundtrack is also <a href="">available</a> for those of you who want to party in your own iHome.


The Happiest DJ On Earth

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<a href=""> How come no one told me Dr. Wily from Mega Man was a DJ and he enjoyed his job more than watching Showtime past 1 a.m? His setup even looks like a mad scientist's laboratory. Never would I have thought <a href="">David Guetta</a> could bring an old man so much joy.

One Love

David Guetta Feat. Kid Cudi – “Memories” Video

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<a href=""> On the heels of his SBs and a new <a href="">HBO show</a>, <a href="">Kid Cudi</a> drops <a href="">another</a> low-budget visual, this time for his solo slice from <a href="">David Guetta's</a> debut, One Love.

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