Two Roommates Allegedly Got Into A Stabbing Fight Over Which Is Better, iPhone Or Android

By | 6 Comments

Sure, people have a strong allegiance as to what kind of mobile device they prefer, but is it worth stabbing your friend?


Behold The Oldsmobile Expression, The Incredibly Ugly ’90s Car With A Built-In NES

By | 22 Comments

Is it possible for a car to be both the coolest and most hideous thing ever? Yes, and here's the evidence.

Elon Musk

This ‘Uptown Funk’ Parody Shows That SpaceX Really Can Do Important Work


Elon Musk continues to knock down barriers and innovate with an actually funny corporate video.

#Star Wars

Scientists Are Planning To Make ‘Star Wars’ Moisture Farms A Reality On Mars

By | 5 Comments

Moisture farms! That's totally the part of Star Wars you've always wanted to come true, right?

Microwave Ovens

A Rash Of Mysterious Radio Signals Turned Out To Actually Be A Bunch Of Microwave Ovens

By | 5 Comments

Mysterious radio signals that have puzzled scientists for years have just been revealed to be the result of people using their microwaves.

captain america: civil war

‘Captain America: Civil War’ Will Be The First Movie Ever Shot In IMAX Digital 2D

By | 4 Comments

The IMAX/Arri 2D camera will be used to shoot a 15-minute sequence in the film.

patent trolls

The EFF Just Won Podcasting Back From A Patent Troll


Personal Audio, one of the most hated patent trolls in the country, just had its patent on podcasting revoked by a court thanks to the EFF.

apple watch

The Apple Watch Reviews Are In: Here’s What They’re Saying

By | 8 Comments

The Apple Watch is here... but is it worth buying? Here's a sampling of what critics are saying.

silicon valley

An Oral History Of That Ultra-Sophisticated ‘Silicon Valley’ Dick Joke

By | 11 Comments

Silicon Valley ended their first season with the greatest dick joke in TV history. Not only did the scene achieve comedic success but it was also mathematically sound due to the show's technical advisors.


Microsoft Will No Longer Make Kinect For Windows

By | 6 Comments

Microsoft's Kinect sensor line has just narrowed down to console only as Kinect For Windows products are shut down.

The Internet

Senator Dianne Feinstein Wants ‘The Anarchist Cookbook’ To Be ‘Removed From The Internet’

By | 25 Comments

Some of our politicians understand what the Internet is and how it works. Dianne Feinstein is not one of them.


Don’t Expect To Walk Away With A New Apple Watch Unless You Have An Appointment

By | 12 Comments

Apple has confirmed that they will only be selling Apple Watches by appointment. Are the long lines a thing of the past?


Comcast’s Gigabit Pro Will Bump Up Your Internet Speed By A Factor Of 80… But There’s A Catch

By | 6 Comments

Comcast is increasing the speed available to you by a factor of eighty... but not everybody will have access.

green energy

Maryland Is Building An Energy Plant Powered Entirely By Chicken Turds

By | 7 Comments

Maryland has so much chicken manure lying around, it's turning it into electricity.


Scientists Have Invented A Pen To Help Parkinson’s Sufferers Write And Draw

By | 7 Comments

Parkinson's disease can be hard on sufferers, but the ARC Pen restores a little autonomy to their lives.

selfie stick

Tablet Selfie Sticks Are Now On Sale Because Selfie Sticks Aren’t Bad Enough

By | 3 Comments

AccessoryGeeks found a way to make Selfie Sticks more intrusive with a new version for tablets.


The New Google Chromebit Turns Your TV Into A Working Chromebook


Google has unveiled a device you plug into your TV's HDMI port that effectively turns it into a Chromebook. And it's going to cost less than $100.


Google’s Contribution To April Fools’ Day: The Smartbox, The Mailbox Of Tomorrow, Today

By | 5 Comments

It's a mailbox to satisfy your nostalgic needs while keeping you tethered to tech.

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