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Ashley Madison Users Are Pretty Much A Bunch Of Dudes Scoping Out Very Few Real Women

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The Ashley Madison database reflects a predominantly male user base. Most female profiles rarely log in at all.

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Jared Fogle’s Downfall May Have Been A Porn-Smelling Police Dog

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A two-year-old lab named bear was responsible for smelling out incriminating materials in the Jared Fogle case.


Is That Bee Wearing A Backpack? Scientists Are Microchipping Bees To Save Them.

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Researchers in Australia are now tracking honey bees in the hopes of discovering why they've been dying.


Your Gmail Can Now Be Compromised By Your… Fridge?!

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The appliance most likely to sell you up the river, it turns out, is your fridge. Meet the Gmail Fridge Hack.

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Can Anyone Stop Google From Rigging The 2016 Presidential Election?

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A new study reveals that Google could possibly manipulate search engine results to influence elections around the world.

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Illinois Library Gets A 3D Printer, Immediately Prints A 20-Sided Die

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Fondulac District Library is creating a maker space for its patrons.

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Woman Inspired By ‘Mr. Robot’ Hides Hacking Kit In Her Platform Heels

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A 'Mr. Robot' fan is ready for a heist with her cleverly-concealed hacking gear, little black dress, and social engineering skills.

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For Five Dollars, These Doctors Can Now 3D-Print A Stethoscope

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A team of scientists in Gaza have found a way to open-source stethoscopes and other medical equipment they need.

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MIT Has Developed A Mesmerizing Robotic Glass Blower


Designers at MIT have 3D printed a series of glass sculptures.


This New Spotify Privacy Policy Seems Pretty Invasive

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The streaming service wants to track how fast you move as well as access your phone contacts.

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The Ashley Madison Hack, Explained

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Here's everything you need to know about the Ashley Madison hack and ensuing data leak.


Is It Possible To Prevent An Asteroid From Striking The Earth?

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An asteroid could potentially wipe out an entire city at any time. Do we have that ability to stop one before it strikes?

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Hackers Make Good On Threat To Release Stolen Ashley Madison Data

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Hackers released this data after Ashley Madison owners refused to take down their website.


Google’s Robot Atlas Can Now Chase You Into The Woods

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Google's robot, Atlas, just got a major upgrade, and can now hike trails to find filthy hoo-mans.


Meet The Harop Drone, A Kamikazi Robot Designed To Crash And Explode

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The Harop drone is a missile that can wait for you to show up... and then send you on your way with explosives.


Jeff Bezos ‘Doesn’t Recognize’ The ‘Callous’ Amazon Workplace Portrayed By The New York Times

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Bezos says the 100 former employees who indicate an astounding 'lack of empathy' simply 'don't describe the Amazon I know.'


This Guy Found A Useful Way To Give You The Finger

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An engineer from Finland has replaced his prosthetic finger with a USB drive.