The FCC Has Changed Its Stance On Net Neutrality And It May Spell Doom For The Internet As We Know It

By | 19 Comments

The FCC effectively killed net neutrality and your ability to Internet properly in the future.


All Songs Created Before 1972 Might Get Yanked From Pandora

By | 8 Comments

Pandora is about to experience a serious music gap, thanks to a new lawsuit.

adorable delusion

Yahoo! Might Become iOS’s Default Search Engine

By | 14 Comments

Yahoo! thinks it can exploit Apple's hate of Google and become iOS's default search engine. Yeah, good luck with that.

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More Paranoia Fuel: Police Can Now Film An Entire City From Above With ‘Wide-Area Surveillance’

By | 5 Comments

'Wide area surveillance' is now real and cheaper than a helicopter. Seriously.


Surely Nothing Will Go Wrong With The FBI’s Facial Recognition Database

By | 5 Comments

The FBI will have a facial recognition database up this summer. Surely nothing will go wrong!


Glasshole Being A Glasshole About His Precious Toy Getting Broken

By | 12 Comments

"Protestors" are apparently breaking Google Glass on the streets now, because that's productive.

original series

Yahoo! Wants To Start Developing TV Shows Of Its Own


Yahoo! is making its own TV shows because, uh, other companies are doing it.


Should You Buy A Chromebook?

By | 3 Comments

With the death of Windows XP, Google is pushing the Chromebook pretty hard.


Science Has Found The Best Way To Become A Human Lie Detector

By | 4 Comments

We all claim to be human lie detectors... but here's how to actually pull it off.


What Is The Heartbleed Bug? Allow Us To Explain It For You.

By | 4 Comments

Heartbleed is a new bug on the Internet, but what's going on, and what can you do? Here's an explanation.


Virus Shield, One Of Android’s Top Selling Apps, Was A Rip-Off


Virus Shield turns out to be even more of a ripoff than antivirus software generally is.


So OKCupid’s CEO Turns Out To Have An Ugly Political Past As Well

By | 16 Comments

OKCupid, it turns out, has a CEO that sits in a glass house when it comes to gay rights.

kim dotcom

Several Movie Studios Have Hit Kim Dotcom And Megaupload With A Lawsuit

By | 2 Comments

Several movie studios have filed a copyright suit against the Megaupload founder and others involved in the service.


Want To Save The TV Shows You Love? Purchase Them.

By | 9 Comments

Putting your money where your fandom is might be the best method to save your shows.


The White House Is Banning Obama Selfies. Thanks, David Ortiz & Samsung!

By | 4 Comments

The dumbest "scandal" of the year just got dumber, as the White House might ban selfies.

google glass

Google Pulls The Ultimate Glasshole Move, Tries To Patent The Word “Glass”

By | 13 Comments

Google thinks, because of its silly eyewear, it has a right to the word "Glass." No, seriously!

desperately needed features

Meet GroupXiT: An App That Frees You From Group Texts


Group texts can be a digital plague; thankfully, there's an app to solve this problem, called GroupXiT.


The US Government Allegedly Built A ‘Cuban Twitter’ As A Tool To Spark A Revolution Against The Castro Regime

By | 2 Comments

The "Cuban Twitter" project is probably the most embarrassing government failure you'll read about this week.


Steve Jobs Wanted To Lock You To Your iPhone Forever

By | 14 Comments

So Steve Jobs was fairly serious about this whole "Apple never lets anyone go" thing...

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