A-Trak & Dillon Francis – “Money Makin” Video

05.26.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

Songs about “Money Makin” are aggressive, full of discouragement or straight obnoxious. Yet, on A-Trak and Dillon Francis’ latest single, collecting cash just comes across as a jolly old time. Empowered by buttery bass and perky synth melodies, this caffeinated instrumental isn’t so much throwing money in the air as it is walking around broke, then surprisingly finding hundreds strewn about the ground. An enigma of ends that you’re rushing to collect before everyone else catches on, if you will.

However, while the accompanying video might not be as awesome as stumbling upon free funds, it’s still pretty damn spectacular. Featuring someone in a tricked-out ATM suit parading around NYC, doing everything from taking dime pieces on shopping sprees to chugging brews with Chromeo and Action Bronson, we can only hope the next cash-machine we come across is provided by Fools Gold.

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