UPROXX Summer Guide: Beautiful/Decay’s 10 Creative Fashion Picks Pt 1

07.13.10 8 years ago

To kick off the official start of summer, Beautiful/Decay has put together a collection of warm-weather apparel and accessories for the art, design or creative enthusiast. Our picks are fresh, playful and will set you apart from the crowd, without setting your bank roll back. Pardon one tiny toot of our own horn, but we had to throw in our absolute favorite Beautiful/Decay Apparel t-shirt by one of our favorite illustrators to the mix. Keep your class (and cash) in tact at the next summertime block party BBQ with these sharp pieces….without looking like a new kid on the block.

Petal to the Metal with Beautiful/Decay.

Beautiful/Decay “Bikes ‘n’ Roses” Tee

First up is our very own “Bikes ‘n’ Roses” design by illustrator Yaiagift, who took GNR’s classic album over and repurposed it for the fixed-gear aficionado. Whether shredding it up with Axl Rose, or, um, your bike axel, ride through the jungle in style with this super soft limited edition tee.

Pop Art that Really Pops.

Stampd’ Black Numberd’ 7

With leather lining, a cloth shoe box, and an iconic number 7 embroidered on the outside panels, these high tops bring High Street luxury to the streets. We dug the minimalist, two-tone pallete that’s bold yet refined. Hit the ground running with Stampd‘ LA’s classic kicks.

Not your Dad's Dockers.

SLDVR Granville Shorts in Grey

Update yacht rock for the new millenia with SLDVR’s Granville’s sleek cargo shorts that feature geometric, welt back pockets. Casual attention to detail and timeless design combine for attainable luxury.

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