Doped Up Girl Just Wants An Eli Manning ‘Hut-Ball’

06.15.12 6 years ago 11 Comments

Why you should never let your loved ones watch “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”: Because your mother will see Ellen highlight a YouTube video of someone muttering gibberish while coming out of sedation following oral surgery and decide it’s a good idea to record your disconnected profession of love for Eli Manning.

This college-age aspiring aspiring sports broadcaster made just that mistake and now the world gets to see her rambling on how she’s dying to meet with dreamy boy wonder Eli Manning. She does save some face, though. Even groggy, she notes that she knows that Elisha is married, and all she wants is some merchandise. PRO TIP: Be sure to snag Elisha a couple of those lollipops from the receptionist’s desk and you can make it happen, girl.

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