Hip-Hop’s 7 Hottest Jump-Offs

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Somewhere along the way, “The Jumpoff” became an unofficial element of Hip Hop. And before Al Gore invented the Internet, we were all left with our own devices when it came to putting faces (bootys & breasts) to the hoes women rappers would often rhyme about. But not anymore! With the world watching, Tweeting, Facebooking and Instagramming, having a SUPER bad bitch on your team is now pretty much a requisite. Nevermind if she’s been passed around more times than a collection plate on Easter.

Let’s face it, shame died when Google was born.

Dollicia Bryan

If there’s one groupie with a diverse portfolio of partners, it’s Dollicia Bryan. From accomplished men like Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx and Letters To A Young Sister author Hill Harper to lames like Bow Wow and Rob Kardashian, the 28-year-old exotic MILFy vixen’s vagina resume is a who’s who of people your little cousin could beat up. Seldom single, Dollicia most recently played Lois Lane to Captain Save-A-Hoe himself, Drake.

Maliah Michel

Prior to becoming one of Drake’s conquests and closing up the cooch to Sean Kingston, culo connoisseurs were already familiar with Los Angeles native Maliah Michel. The 34B-26-45 fatback stripper/video vixen/internet model was making that ass clap at Starz in LA before heading to Houston, Texas where she continues to pop that p*ssy for a real nigga at Dreams Gentleman’s Club. Most recently, she was seen crushing Kirko Bangz’s torso in between her sumptuous cheeks on his most recent video for a song nobody’s heard because they watched it on mute.

Erica Mena

Young, fresh and green, a then virginal 17-year-old Erica Mena met Fabolous on the set of his “Breathe” music video where she appeared as “girl in car.” After giving up the box, the Bronx bombshell became one of the rapper’s side pieces. Then she moved on to Havoc of Mobb Deep with the occasional finger popping from Prodigy. The feisty mother of one is currently seen on the powerfully uplifting reality show, Love & Hip Hop. If not there… then in the streets fighting her baby’s father, Terror Squad’s Raul Conde.

Draya Michele

I don’t watch Basketball Wives. But I know who Draya Michele is and a wife she is not. The video vixen/model is rumored as NBA player’s Gilbert Arenas’ baby’s mother and she’s been linked to everyone from Chris Brown to Lil Wayne to NBA player Deshawn Stevenson. She’s currently nominated for an Oscar Screen Actor’s Guild Ozone Straight Stuntin “Excellence In Acting” award for her role in Waka’s “Round Of Applause” video.

Blac Chyna

Currently the most famous stripper in Hip-Hop, King of Diamonds’ Blac Chyna made it to mainstream when Drake referenced her on “Miss Me” off his debut album Thank Me Later. Since the name drop, the second generation hoe has been featured in a number of magazines and even appeared in Kanye West’s “Monster” video as Nicki Minaj’s body double. Lately the 23-year-old and her fraudulent fanny make appearances in her cuffer’s “Rack City” video and the strip club she made famous. She also made news for saying Rick Ross lied about spending a milli at the club but it’s possible she may just have boob envy.

Sheneka Adams

You know Sheneka. You’ve seen her the way Soulja Boy, Carmelo Anthony and Trey Songz saw her since her nudes “leaked” a year or two ago. They’re probably somewhere in that hidden folder on your PC where you keep the rest of your stash. You’ve also seen a bit of her sex tape where she’s slobbin’ the knob of who the hell knows. You know her!

Suelyn Medeiros

Amateur Brazilian pornstar Suelyn Medeiros actually had dreams of becoming a doctor but decided to make her parents proud with a career in modelling* instead. There’s no denying her hotness and with the list of high profile men she’s been linked to, the box can’t possibly be cheap. The 25-year-old exotic beauty has been sponsored by 50 Cent, Chris Brown and even random men like Terry Kennedy (yeah, the skateboarding dude) and Peter Nygard, an old geezer with long money. Countdown to Drake swooping in starts… NOW!

*Modelling = legit way to display what’s on sale.

Bonus: Tahiry

Tahiry probably wouldn’t be on this list if she was just known as Joe Budden’s ex but now she’s Joe’s ex, Fab’s ex and New York Knickbocker’s J.R. Smith’s current. One more baller or rapper, Tahiry and you will don the scarlet letter, J!

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