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07.23.12 5 years ago 15 Comments

WWE Raw celebrates its 1,000th episode this evening in St. Louis. [With Leather has a live blog for the occasion, if you’re of the wrasslin’ persuasion] Oh, that Cena. Always with the jokes and Yoda impressions. Everybody is asking WILL THIS BE THE NIGHT THAT JEFF FISHER TURNS HEEL?

— RIP Chad Ochocinco, 2008-2012. The Dolphins receiver has changed his last name back to Johnson. According to his website, “The main reason behind the name change was due to his marriage to Evelyn Lozada.” Tsk, tsk. She’s already changing you. Under most circumstances, I’d say that’s a negative, but yeah…

— The Raiders traded receiver Louis Murphy to the Panthers for an undisclosed draft pick and possibly an Ace Boogie shirt.

Via a gossip site whose watermarks aren’t quite obtrusive enough, Trent Williams continues his commitment to Silverback imagery with this new tattoo. Your editor ape salutes his foursquare support of the cause.

— In the comments for this week’s Fun With Peter King, commenter Upstate Underdog linked to the eBay page where someone named “kkkevin” is selling the PK bobblehead given away by the Lowell Spinners. He’s only asking for $60. Are you suggesting that this prime piece of Petey memorabilia isn’t worth the equivalent of six or seven sixers of citrus beer or even a pound of fresh Dachau gravel?

— The Lions cut oft-arrested cornerback Aaron Berry today. Player-blogger war detente has been achieved. There is peace in our time!

— Meanwhile, a Lions player has bemoaned that the team has become a “laughingstock”. Perhaps, but it was not long ago that the Lions would have killed to be a laughingstock for player arrests as opposed to just being the Lions. Perspective!

— Only at an after party for a golf tournament are Jerry Rice and Carlton the blackest dudes in the club.

— For the previous two seasons, the Buccaneers have used a car service to wake up LaGarrette Blount and make sure he makes it the three miles to team headquarters for practice. Something tells me he won’t have the massive fantasy hype going into this season that he had at this point last year. #BurnedByBlount

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