Did The Dizaster Vs. Iron Solomon KOTD Battle Go Too Far?

03.22.16 2 years ago 10 Comments

When Dizaster and Iron Solomon went toe to toe during last month’s KOTD event Blackout 6, the battle was billed “When Legends Collide,” and what transpired was nearly an hour-long exchange of lyrical haymakers from two living legends in the battle rap scene. The battle was instantly hailed a classic, with the odd mix of styles meshing and making for an entertaining bout. Diz attacked with his trademark, spastic eruptions and Solomon countered with his measured, well calculated barbs. But somewhere along the line the battle devolved from lyrical matching of wits to a weird, racism laden diatribe.

Somehow, Dizaster went from “You know what rhymes with bar mitzvah? Swastika” to casually dropping the N-word after a punchline all the way to a Hitler impression complete with a fake mustache to cap off his third round. Solomon was prepared for the racial jabs and in his second round he responded them specifically

Diz. Say it with audacity. Get loud, talk rapidly;
The crowd will all laugh at me,
But if that exposes the bigots, then I’ll take the fall happily
You think racism is hip hop? You buying the wrong rap CD’s

It didn’t matter though, Dizaster kept right going with his racially charged attack and eventually that taints the battle. While it may not be related to Dizaster specifically, for the first time in KOTD’s history the videos from Blackout 6 feature disclaimers about offensive content and the Battlerap.com transcription of the battle features a similar warning. So yes, it does appear that Diz did go too far, but with the amount of people in the comments saying he won maybe that’s the point.

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