Dusty McFly Feat. Big Sean & Dom Kennedy – “I’m Out Here (Remix)”

07.06.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

“My n*ggas hoop, rap, trap, Gettin’ rich off that baseline…”

Detroit isn’t my hometown. In fact, the closest I’ve come to visiting was my brief stint living in Chicago. That said, I’m almost positive Dusty McFly’s “I’m Out Here” is a huge hit within the confines of his city. The blueprint is one that has worked for years. Have a infectious, hard hitting single (and chorus) which eventually catches on. It becomes a staple in said city’s Hip-Hop loving community, picks up some steam on the radio and then the inevitable remix occurs.

McFly grabs his fellow D-Town Tiger, Big Sean, and Dom Kennedy for the remake of his bubbling and defiant single, “I’m Out Here.” For a majority of listeners outside of Detroit’s FM range, this will probably rank as your introduction to not only the song but Mr. McFly’s music. Depending on the push and reaction following, you may be hearing more from Dusty in the future. Regardless, if you live in Detroit, there’s a good chance this (or the “D-Mix” featuring Danny Brown, Peezy and Boldy James) will be dropped in every club in the city this weekend if it isn’t already on DJ rotations already.

Dusty McFly Feat. Big Sean & Dom Kennedy – “I’m Out Here (Remix)”

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