Suga Free & Pimpin’ Young Feat. Twista & LaToiya Williams – “Everything You Need”

07.11.12 6 years ago 4 Comments

When it comes to certain rappers, nostalgia will keep us checking their music for as long as they record. Since Suga Free and Twista both fall into that category for me personally, a Twist-assisted single from the Pomona MC’s upcoming album with Pimpin’ Young landing in my inbox was something of an exclamation point. Unfortunately though, when I hit play, “Everything You Need” wasn’t as good as it let on.

With Free delivering an uncharacteristically bland sixteen at the onset and fans having to wait until the four-minute mark to hear the Chi-Town rhymer kick his wickedness, all you’re left hearing in between is Suga exchanging bars with his eye-patch-wearing homeboy Pimpin’ Young. In all actuality, Young isn’t all bad if you like Suga Free’s music, because from the flow to the gimmick, he essentially is Suga Free. But, mirroring the guy that brought you in the game has never been a good look, so the highlights leave a bad taste in your mouth whether you like it or not.

Anyways, this muddled track leaves listeners wanting more of one thing and less of another. Hopefully that won’t be the case throughout the rest of Young & Free’s Thunder & Lightning album, which currently available on iTunes.

Suga Free & Pimpin’ Young Feat. Twista & LaToiya Williams – “Everything You Need”

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