Trey Songz’s New Bedroom Song, “Dive In,” Could Be Dangerous

07.06.12 6 years ago 20 Comments

The ladies and the drinks may be what Trey came to the club for, but inside the comforts of his own home there’s only one goal in mind. “Dive In” is slated to be the next single from the Virginia native’s fifth studio album, Chapter V. And pending the record is played at the right time, you and that special someone could end up going half on a baby. The sultry bedroom number is not only an effective follow up to “2 Reasons” which seems to be picking up steam on radio; it is, more importantly, catered to the nights when nothing else matters but heavy breathing, a wicked imagination and a change of bedsheets.

C5 doesn’t drop for another month and change (August 21), so Trey’s still got time to build the anticipation. Judging from the comments off the link below, however, he’s already got minds racing with “Dive In.” And by minds racing, I mean…nevermind. We’re all grown here. You know where I’m heading with this.

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