Now The Browns Say RGIII Is ‘Too Small’

06.06.12 6 years ago 38 Comments

Even though the Browns extended the Rams roughly the same trade package as the Redskins in an effort to move up to the no. 2 spot in the draft, and Mike Holmgren later went off on one of his patented bitchfests after Cleveland wasn’t granted the opportunity to one-up Washington, the Browns organization is now going with the line that the team never really wanted RGIII. Not only because they wouldn’t know how to use him, but because of obvious concerns that worried them all along.

Media darling Robert Griffin III also was too small. And too eager to show how fast he could run. The Browns never seemed all-in on Griffin. They pursued him just enough to say they tried.

According to Tony Grossi, the Browns claim Brandon Weeden was the ideal target the whole time because sources say Matt Flynn has a popgun arm, Ryan Tannehill doesn’t project as a leader and Peyton Manning knows better than to try to play for Cleveland.

Good to know it’s not only Jim Harbaugh who’s brazenly lying to the media to stroke the confidence of his starting QB. Perhaps the delusion goes further still. In scouting reports KSK obtained from the Browns, the team lists Tom Brady as “too Hollywood”; Drew Brees as “too nice”; Joe Flacco Eli Manning as “too elite”; Aaron Rodgers as “too playful” and Ben Roethlisberger as “too rapey”, though they might be on to something with that last one.

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