Paying Homage To Minnesota’s Twin Towers

04.23.12 6 years ago 11 Comments

Photo: Grand Archives

One transcendent athlete in a city is hard enough to come by. But two? That’s damn near impossible. For seven years, the city of Minneapolis had Kevin Garnett and Randy Moss together filling up highlight reels for, in hindsight, an incredibly tough pill to swallow. Moss, from his rookie season, changed the dynamic of football from the defensive approach, his playmaking ability and introducing the now cult classic term “Moss’d.” Meanwhile, Garnett successfully made the transition from high school to the pros becoming arguably the most dominant big man of his era behind Shaq and Tim Duncan. Take a look at their respective 2003 stats.

Moss — 16 games started, 111 catches, 1632 yards (14.7/rec), 17 TD’s

Garnett — 82 games started, 23.0 PPG, 13.4 RPG, 6.0 APG, 1.6 BPG

Allow that to marinate for a moment. They started every game that year. The sad thing is, however, you guessed it. Neither’s era of utter dominance produced the ultimate goal thanks largely to due to one wearing out his welcome and the other never really having supporting parts worth a damn. Fast forward, K.G.’s got his ring and has an outside shot at another while Randy’s taking advantage of one last shot in San Francisco on the proverbial mechanical bull that is the NFL and its Super Bowl contenders. Still, the picture above remains an unique reminder of how lightening can strike twice in the same bottle for a city (and ironically enough, it did in Boston, too).

Charlotte, you’re on the clock. Cam Newton’s already got Panthers fans thinking playoffs in the near future and looks to be one of the better players in the league for the next Lord knows how many years. And even after a historically awful season for the Bobcats, the Queen City seems all but a lock to snag Anthony Davis who some refer to as Garnett 2.0. Don’t prove me right and somehow screw this up.*

* – Mike, I swear on everything, if you make A.D. shave the unibrow, I’m telling everyone you really had a hangover during “The Flu Game.” Now that I think about it, that may actually be more impressive than playing with the flu. Whatever though. Just don’t make him shave the damn brow, aight?

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