Tale of the Tape: Patrick Willis vs. Adrian Wilson

08.21.08 10 years ago 15 Comments

Competitor (seed): Patrick Willis (7)

Nickname: The Rolling Ball of Butcher Knives

Height: 6’1″

Weight: 242 lbs.

Reach: That nickname (bestowed upon him by Brad Childress)

Sponsor: Under Armor

Ring Music: Boom

Hometown: Bruceton, Tennessee, the home of literally dozens of other people.

Pedigree: Patrick had the kind of tragic childhood that we’ve seen from countless boxers over the years. The Peterson brothers are a great example of how boxing can help young men learn proper focus and discipline in the wake of tragedy.

Strength(s): Seeking. Destroying.

Weakness: Fudge

Predilection towards violence: Paternal neglect oftentimes results in pent up aggression.

Fighting Style: Willis is a whirling dervish in the ring. He’s going to throw punches, and if you’re too crazy/slow to stay out of his way you’re gonna have a bad day.

Competitor (seed): Adrian Wilson (10)

Nickname: “A-Dub” (sigh)

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 230

Reach: He’s a Cardinal, so he’s obviously not a real contender.

Sponsor: Creative Recreation

Ring Music: Last Caress by Will Leitch and the Wailers

Hometown: High Point, NC. So if you need any furniture, you know who to ask.

Pedigree: Adrian has always excelled at a variety of sports. In fact, he was an honorable mention high school All American in basketball.

Predilection towards violence: None that’s readily apparent. But he does own a sneaker boutique in Scottsdale called High Point Shoes, and that alone kicks ass.

Strength: Freakish athleticism.

Weakness: Anything with a patent leather trim.

Fighting Style: You can call Adrian a finesse fighter if you want, but there’s a good chance he’ll knock you out in retaliation for such a slight.

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