Your Week 11 NFL Recap

11.23.09 8 years ago 18 Comments

The league’s perennials losers — The Lions, Raiders & Chiefs — all pulled out W’s yesterday. Everyone in Hades is today wearing snorkels and parkas.

Of the three games, the Lions may have been the most “remarkable” (used as loosely as possible). Before the first quarter was over, Detroit was down 24-3 to the Browns. The Browns. Yet, the home squad didn’t give up, battled back to take a momentary 31-27 lead in the third before falling behind 37-31. Fighting until the end, Dilla & Proof must have called in a favor because on the last drive of the game, the Lions were the beneficiaries of a rarely seen pass interference call on a Hail Mary giving them an untimed down. Matthew Stafford channeled the comeback spirit of John Elway and we now have the 2-8 Lions, two games more than they won last year.

Indianapolis remained undefeated, squeaking past the Ravens. Peyton Manning proved that it doesn’t matter what player’s plugged in at receiver, that play will become a household name the end of game. Insert tight end Tom Santi, who went from no-name to 80 yards receiving. The Ravens D gave the Colts the business the whole game, and Indy had three crucial turnovers – including two interceptions by Manning and a fumble by Santi after he suffered a shattering hit by Ray Lewis (definitely not what Santi had in mind for a birthday gift). No disrespect to the current players on the Steelers roster or the legacy of the franchise, but Ray Lewis is the walking embodiment of smash mouth football.

Other News and Notes

— There was a T.O. sighting in Jacksonville as Terrell Owens had 197 yards and a touchdown, but David Garrard & Maurice Jones-Drew kept the Bills out of the win column with a 18-15 win.

Brett Favre had more TDs than incompletions. Think about that. Four TDs. 22 of 25 passing for a completion percentage of 88.0.

— The entire AFC North lost. All four games went down to the wire and all four teams could have stayed home, forfeited their games and everyone would’ve been none the wiser.

— The Giants got back to their winning ways over a Michael Turner-less Atlanta Falcons. In turn, they kept their playoff hopes alive. The Broncos effectively gave the division to the Chargers with their fourth straight loss.

— Next week the Pats & Saints will face off in a game with major playoff implications. On Sunday, the Saint’s had an easy time staying undefeated, going up against the Bucs and winning 38-7. Drew Brees threw for another three touchdowns and the team was 5 for 5 in the red zone. For a quick second, it seemed like the the only thing that could stop the Patriots from scoring was the time clock against the Jets. They slowed down and Mark Sanchez kept turning the ball over like it was a golden ticket with 5 (4 INTs & 1 fumble).

— The NFL has a sense of humor.  How else could you explain a Detroit Lions & Oakland Raiders Thanksgiving Day game?  Millions of women across the country will be dumbfounded when their husbands volunteer to help in the kitchen or make last minute store runs. EDIT: The Lions play the Packers, but it’s still the Lions.

— Since there were no standout clips available, we resort to inserting a clip of Kobe’s Horse shot against OKC.

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