Want To See An Angry Mob Toss A Politician Into A Dumpster? Of Course You Do.


Earlier this year Vitaly Zhuravsky sponsored a bill in the Ukrainian parliament designed to crack down on political protest. And now this...

female vigilantes

This Vigilante Busting Litterers On Her Motorcycle Is Our New Hero

By | 3 Comments

This woman throwing trash back at people who litter is pure catharsis.

ryan gosling

Eva Mendes And Ryan Gosling Are Now The Proud, Sexy Parents Of A Baby Girl

By | 5 Comments

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling's baby was born over the weekend. She's already more famous than you'll ever be.

dogs are awesome

This Dog Would Like To Inform You That It Is The Best Dog In The Whole World

By | 4 Comments

This dog has a very endearing way of letting people know that she thinks she's great.


New Girl-isms: Your Guide To The Vocabulary Of ‘New Girl’

By | 10 Comments

If you're not using "boob jail" or "bronemies" at least once a week, something's wrong.


The Star Of ‘Curly Sue’ Is All Grown Up And Sharing Her Struggle With Alcoholism

By | 12 Comments

The titular "Curly Sue," Alisan Porter, shared what it's like to be a childhood star who takes to alcohol in a must-read esay.

ray j

Ray J Wants You To Know You Have God To Thank For America’s Kardashian Problem, Not His Sex Tape

By | 4 Comments

Ray J is throwing God under the bus for unleashing the Kardashians on us all.

jerry seinfeld

Here’s The ‘Heartbreaking’ Text Jerry Seinfeld Received About Joan Rivers

By | 9 Comments

Joan Rivers was going to be on Jerry Seinfeld's "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee" until tragedy struck.


Here’s How To Ruin Any Indoor Cat’s Day

By | 2 Comments

A perfectly-timed video reveals why this indoor cat is so sad about the new home.


KFC Japan’s Fried Chicken Keyboard Is The Prize That No Man Should Ever Win

By | 4 Comments

KFC Japan's fans can register to win a keyboard covered in little fried chicken pieces or a mouse that looks like a drumstick.


Here’s How You Can Finally Delete Your Viewing History On Netflix

By | 8 Comments

Thanks to Netflix, customers can now fearlessly watch some of the worst movies and TV shows without judgement from their loved ones.


The Coolest College President Issued A ‘Madden 25′ Challenge To His Students

By | 3 Comments

As part of his inauguration at Columbia College, Dr. Scott Dalrymple has challenged his students to a giant Madden 25 tournament.

#Viral Videos

This Guy Dressed As A Mortal Kombat Character To Prank People In An Elevator

By | 2 Comments

Internet prankster surprises people in an elevator while dressed like a character from 'Mortal Kombat' and the reactions run the gamut.


This Autistic Man Is Completely Renovating His Home Into An Elaborate Cat Playground

By | 5 Comments

This guy is a dead ringer for the crazy cat person of the year award.


Here’s A Guy Getting Attacked By A Rabid Bat During A Campground Jam Session

By | 14 Comments

This is why camping is not fun and anyone who says otherwise is a lying a-hole.


This Fascinating Video About Making Your Boobs Look Bigger Will Give You Even More Respect For Cleavage

By | 31 Comments

This truly amazing video features a woman transforming her cleavage into something genuinely spectacular.

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