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These Two Folks Are The Real Losers In The Battle Between Car And Parking Gate


There are more poor decisions in this 30 second clip than all of Hell Week combined.


Amazing New Calculator App Will Make It Virtually Impossible For You To Fail At Math

By | 3 Comments

Take a picture of the equation and PhotoMath Calculator solves it in mere seconds!


The Hottest Selling Toy This Holiday Season? A Plush Ebola Virus.

By | 2 Comments

Giant Microbes claims that it has seen a huge spike in the sales of its stuffed Ebola educational toys.


This San Francisco Tour Guide Lets Chinatown Know How She Really Feels

By | 4 Comments

This video shows an awful San Francisco tour guide unleashing a racist rant over everything she hates about Chinatown.

iphone 6

An Arizona Man’s iPhone 6 ‘Exploded’ In His Pocket And Set His Pants On Fire

By | 3 Comments

After a bumpy rickshaw ride, an Arizona man's iPhone 6 caught fire in his pocket, burning a hole in his pants leg and leaving him wounded.

bad teachers

A Washington DC Teacher Was Arrested On Her First Day For Having Sex With A Student

By | 10 Comments

Another day, another THREE news stories about teachers sleeping with their underage students.

The Hobbit

Air New Zealand Is Back With Another Awesomely Dorky Hobbit Safety Video

By | 4 Comments

Once again, Air New Zealand welcomes you to the dorkiest place on Earth.

#Justin Bieber

You Might Actually Like Justin Bieber After Watching This Video Of Him Playing Hockey

By | 11 Comments

I'm not making any promises but yeah, you might like Justin Bieber after seeing this.


This Unearthed Footage Of 13-Year-Old Kim Kardashian Reveals She Was Always An Insufferable Egomaniac

By | 23 Comments

Witnessing what Kim Kardashian was like even as a little girl will make your BLOOD BOIL.


Things Just Got Worse For Jon Gosselin, Who Also Abandoned A Kitten When He Was Evicted From His Home

By | 7 Comments

Jon Gosselin has surrendered the rights to his kids futures and abandoned a kitten. Can thing possibly get worse for him?


A Texas Teacher Allegedly Had Sex ‘All Summer Long’ With One Of Her Students

By | 50 Comments

Ashley Zehnder, 24, is in big trouble for having an affair with a student at the high school where she teaches.

mass shootings

Here’s Shocking Footage From A Shooting Inside Canada’s Parliament Building In Ottawa

By | 19 Comments

Ottawa is in lockdown this afternoon after several shooting in the downtown area include one inside the Parliament building.


A Western Pennsylvanian Convenience Store Clerk Fended Off The Worst Robber Ever With Bug Spray

By | 3 Comments

Say hello to the new record holder for the saddest robbery attempt of all time.

#Viral Videos

Chewbacca Plays Peacemaker In This Fight Between Mr. Incredible And Batgirl

By | 3 Comments

Here's a bunch of superheroes fighting on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


All The ‘Dumb And Dumber’ Quotes You Should Still Be Using In Everyday Conversation

By | 24 Comments

All of the 'Dumb and Dumber' quotes you should be using in everyday conversation.


A Woman Spent An Entire Week In KFC After Her Boyfriend Broke Up With Her

By | 8 Comments

Some people respond to breakups by drowning their sorrows in wine. Others spend seven days inside a Chinese KFC.


The ‘Let’s F*cking Frisbee’ Craigslist Guy Is 100% Real And Does Not Disappoint

By | 3 Comments

What turned out to be a jokey craigslist story turned out to have a really awesome ending.

Miller High Life

Someone Stole A Huge Truck Full Of Miller High Life From An Orlando Truck Stop

By | 6 Comments

A teary-eyed driver told the local news that his truck full of Miller High Life had been stolen from a truck stop in Orlando.

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