The Night King Claims An Important Victim In An Emotional ‘Game Of Thrones’

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Penn Jillette Apologizes For Calling Newfoundland ‘Stupid’ On ‘Real Time’ And Says He Was Wrong

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J.K. Rowling And Others Offer Support To A First-Time Writer Who Gets An Unwanted Lecture On Her First Book

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Anti-Hate Protesters Flood The Boston Streets To Outnumber Attendees Of The Latest White Supremacist Rally

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The Charlottesville Rally Organizer Is In Hiding But Still Using Twitter To Call Heather Heyer Names

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Elisabeth Moss Offers A Rare Public Response To A Fan Comparing Scientology To ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

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Alex Jones Went To Seattle, Yelled At People On The Street, Got Coffee Dumped On Him, And Then Got Trolled By The Seattle Police

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Father John Misty Wrote A Heartfelt And Hilarious Ode To The Chuck E. Cheese Animatronic Band

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The Internet Erupted With Glee After Chief Strategist Steve Bannon Was Ousted From The White House

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Jon Stewart Surfaced To Tear Into Trump: ‘In The President’s Defense, He Is A Terrible Person’

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Jake Tapper Fires A Shot At The ‘Dimwitted Propagandists’ Of Russia Today For Saying He Gave Obama A Pass

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Nolan Gould From ‘Modern Family’ Stars As A Gay Teen In Logic’s New Music Video With A Powerful Message

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‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Are Combating Leaks With The Perfect Spoiler Hashtag

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Trump Resurrects An Anti-Muslim, False Meme After The Barcelona Attack, But The Internet Is Bringing Receipts

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Trump Laments The ‘Foolish’ Removal Of The Country’s ‘Beautiful’ Confederate Statues And Monuments

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Cloudflare Bans White Supremacist Website The Daily Stormer, Calls Them ‘A**Holes’

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Jimmy Kimmel Reads Mean Tweets And Messages He Received After His Message To Trump Supporters

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A Wild First Pitch Blasts An Unsuspecting Photographer Right In The Family Jewels

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