fire challenge

The Fire Challenge Is Definitely The Dumbest Thing You Will See This Lifetime

By | 10 Comments

If you haven't heard of the fire challenge, back away slowly. There are idiots at play.


A Man Launched A Kickstarter Campaign To Have Kenny Loggins Play In His Home

By | 2 Comments

In one of the lazier Kickstarter campaigns you'll ever see, a guy wants $30,000 so he can host a Kenny Loggins jam session at his home.


Screw It, We Give Up: Here Is A Dog Playing A Waltz On The Piano


It's a summer Thursday in July. We're really sorry, but this is about the best we can do right now.

Zach Hocker hairdo

So A Rookie NFL Kicker Got Hazed With A Sideways Mohawk And It’s Pretty Ridiculous

By | 10 Comments

Washington rookie Zach Hocker was the victim of some nasty hair hazing.

#Justin Bieber

Leonardo DiCaprio Was #TeamOrlando During The Bieber Vs. Bloom Fight

By | 12 Comments

Leonardo DiCaprio was #TeamOrlando in the Bloom vs. Bieber brawl.

#Fascinating Facts

How Cameron Diaz Beat Out Anna Nicole Smith And Other Things You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘The Mask’

By | 14 Comments

It's been 20 years since Jim Carrey became a living cartoon in 'The Mask.' You know what that means -- time for trivia!


What ‘WWE Raw’ Would Look Like As A 1990s Sitcom

By | 31 Comments

The opening credits of WWE Raw have been reimagined as a 1990s sitcom. Stick around for the 'and' credit.


Here’s The Video Footage Of The Justin Bieber-Orlando Bloom Slap Fight

By | 17 Comments

If Orlando Bloom was a little better at hitting things, this video probably would have been even more entertaining.


While Justin Bieber And Orlando Bloom Fought, Miranda Kerr Posted A Topless Pic On Instagram

By | 25 Comments

Miranda Kerr is getting revenge on Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom, one topless photograph at a time.

russell brand

Russell Brand Takes Sean Hannity To Task Over His Views On Israel / Palestine, Calls Him A Ken Doll

By | 32 Comments

Russell Brand takes aim at Fox News again, but we have a few questions about the direction of his revolution.


David Guetta Looked Like He Was Tripping Balls At Belgium’s Tomorrowland Festival

By | 4 Comments

David Guetta looks like he's losing himself right in the middle of his set at Belgium's Tomorrowland Festival. And here's the video to prove it.

coffee run

Deadmau5 And Rob Ford Went On A Coffee Run In The Nyan Cat Ferrari

By | 4 Comments

The Nyan Cat Ferrari still rides and is featured prominently in Deadmau5's YouTube 'Coffee Run' show, this time with Rob Ford.


A Woman Came THIS Close To Being Impaled By A Flying Hatchet On A Massachusetts Highway

By | 18 Comments

Nope, never getting in a vehicle ever again. Too many flying hatchets these days.


This Is A Post About Kate Upton’s Puppies

By | 11 Comments

Kate Upton and puppies and that's all you need to know.


Give Your Heart The Scare Of Its Life With The Donut Cheesesteak Burger

By | 9 Comments

The food daredevils at PYT in Philadelphia have created a rival to their own Twinkie Burger with the Donut Cheesesteak Burger.

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