#Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Filmed Himself Finally Shaving That Dirt Off Of His Upper Lip


Justin Bieber shaving off his 'stache' is the most unintentionally funny thing we've seen in a while.


Here’s Hugh Jackman Deadlifting 400 Pounds While Looking Like A Pirate

By | 8 Comments

Hugh Jackman has ridiculous facial hair and is ridiculously strong.

#Iggy Azalea

‘Food That Looks Like Iggy Azalea’ Is A Tumblr About Food That Looks Like Iggy Azalea

By | 3 Comments

You'll never look at food that looks like Iggy Azalea the same again.


The Female Answer To The Hot/Crazy Matrix Guide To Women Is Here, And It’s Hilarious

By | 18 Comments

Highlights include the supplemental money draft, "Fun Zone" descriptions, and "Any guy who reads Elite Daily."


Hey Kids Of The 80s, Kamala Is Kickstarting An Autobiography Written By Kim Chee

By | 3 Comments

Kamala's Kickstarter page is pretty much the best Kickstarter page ever.

Open Carry

The Amazon Reviews For ‘My Parents Open Carry’ Children’s Book Are Literary Masterpieces

By | 12 Comments

In case you've missed it, there's a brand new book on the market called "My Parents Open Carry."

#Fascinating Facts

‘Inglourious Basterds’ History Vs. Fiction: Was Any Of Tarantino’s Film Based On A True Story?

By | 5 Comments

The real basterds weren't taking Nazi scalps, but they did help Allied forces take down Hitler.


This Hero Teen Sacrificed His Own Life Trying To Prevent A Friend From Drunk Driving

By | 22 Comments

This is a really sad story. We lost one of the good ones, it sounds like.


‘Archer’s Amber Nash Is Holding A ‘Say Pam Poovey Quotes To Unaware Strangers’ Contest On Twitter

By | 7 Comments

Tell a stranger to shut their dick holster and you could win Amber Nash's 'Archer' swag.


Here’s An Adorable Child Identifying WWE Entrance Themes Faster Than You Could

By | 26 Comments

Meet BECKETT SAGE, the wrestling-name-ready child who can identify every WWE theme in just a few notes. Also, Paul Bearer impressions.

#ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Girl Gets Wisdom Teeth Removed, Immediately Records The Best Ice Bucket Challenge Video Yet

By | 10 Comments

A young lady in a Hogwarts sweatshirt just raised the bar for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos by recording hers right after getting her wisdom teeth removed


Don Lemon Had An All-Time Derp Moment Last Night On CNN

By | 39 Comments

Don Lemon had a massive brain fart tonight and we're not sure he knows what an automatic weapon is.

#Viral Videos

Who Knew That Handing Out Free Sweet Goods In Front Of A Gym Would Cause Trouble?

By | 3 Comments

Things go wrong when these guys try to give out free cupcakes at the gym. Luckily they handle it like champs and everyone is happy.

#Comedy Central

DadBoner Is Going From Twitter To Comedy Central With An Animated Pilot

By | 6 Comments

Comedy Central has ordered an animated pilot featuring Twitter legend Karl Welzein AKA DadBoner.

super mario brothers

Someone Found A New Way To Beat Level One In ‘Super Mario Brothers’

By | 21 Comments

If you thought you knew every way to beat 'Super Mario Bros,' you were probably right. This is a funny take on all that though.

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