Jeremy Allen Of MiniBar Shares His Favorite Drinking Spots In Hollywood

01.08.19 6 months ago

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You know how to EAT THIS CITY. With top chefs as tour guides, you’ve learned how to scout out hot spots for breakfast and brunch, where to go for a delicious date night, and how to feast like a local liege in the cities you love. But where do you wash it all down? Do you know how to find the best brewpub? Uncover who makes the meanest bloody marys and the most sparkling mimosas?

You’re about to find out. Welcome to DRINK THIS CITY!

With the New Year kicking off, we’re committed to hitting even more of world’s best bars — bringing you a comprehensive guide to drinking hotspots, as suggested by the most talented of bartenders on earth. And where better to start off 2019 than Hollywood? If you’re looking for glamor, showmanship, and cutting edge cocktail culture, Hollywood is your destination, and Jeremy Allen, bartender and general manager of MiniBar Hollywood, is your go-to guide.

Allen knows his way around a beautifully made cocktail and a gorgeous glass of wine — he’s a CMS Certified Sommelier with a Wine Spectator Award — but he’s also no stranger to a Hollywood’s dive bars and low-key hideouts. In other words, he’s the ideal chaperone about town, able to escort us all to the bar of our heart’s desire.

As for MiniBar? Imagine a hotel bar that doesn’t feel like a hotel bar, but a luxurious escape that’s also entirely approachable, completely homey. This spot delivers in a big way.

Ready to hit Hollywood with Jeremy? Let’s go Drink This City!


The Hungry Cat

Richard Simmons-style Michelada with a raw egg at The Hungry Cat — not on the menu, more of a staff secret — they used to wear shirts that read “Brunch is for Assholes.” When I worked there, this was the pick-me-up we would drink before we opened, to guarantee that Sunday service would crash and burn.


MiniBar Hollywood

The $6 Monday margarita we do at MiniBar has taken on the nickname “Pitch Perfect” by the hotel. Why would we argue? We do cinnamon on the rim, with reposado tequila and fresh lemon, lime, and orange. People like to make it easy on the staff, and order 2 at a time.

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