Ranking The Best Beer Styles — And Best Bottles — For Summer ’19

Uproxx / Unsplash

Summer and beer go together like summer and swimming holes or summer and lakes or summer and burgers. The sudsy beverage is the perfect, light counterpoint to a hot day. An ice cold beer quenches that summer thirst better than pretty much any drink on earth (except maybe a Paloma).

But not all beer is created equal. Some beers are better summer sips than others. You really don’t want to start downing a creamy, hefty Imperial stout that’s chock full of Christmas baking spices when you’re in the backyard with your feet cooling in a kiddie pool. Barrelled porters don’t sound too appetizing either. Nor do — shocker — winter ales.

As a general rule, lighter beers are the play all summer long. But that still leaves scores of options. To help you make the best beer-related-decisions this summer, we’ve ranked our ten favorite beer styles for the summer. These are the frothy cans and bottles of suds that we love drinking this time of year — refreshing, light, and very crushable.

Summer starts this Friday so let’s go get it!