Bino Rideaux And Roddy Ricch Offer A Stern Warning Towards Betrayal On ‘Lemme Find Out’

Bino Rideaux and Roddy Ricch are noteworthy West Coast rappers of today’s generation in their own rights. Roddy has worked with a number of popular names in the music world while delivering a critically-acclaimed debut album, that being Please Excuse Me For Beng Antisocial, as well a chart-topping hit song with “The Box.” On the flip side, Bino has progressed upward in his own career thanks to his 2020 project, Outside, as well as her sharp work with fellow West Coaster Blxst on their joint projects Sixtape and Sixtape 2. After a couple of years of hustling on their own, Bino and Roddy join forces for a brand new track.

“Lemme Find Out” is the duo’s first collaboration together and it’s one that finds them hinting at harsh consequences for those who dare to cross them. The duo also uses the track to make a move on the respective women that have caught their attention. “These n****s fraud, let me find out / Put this on your tongue, bet you’ll find out,” Bino raps. Roddy arrives for a second verse and adds, I’m that n**** that’s been standin’ ten toes for a whole / Your main n**** been doin’ you too wrong for a while.”

The track arrives after Bino connected with King Combs for “No Makeup” last month. He also delivered visuals for a trio of collaborations with Blxst, those being “Pop Out,” “One Of Them Ones,” and “Movie.” As for Roddy, he released his first solo single in almost two years with “Late At Night.” He also hinted that his sophomore album could be titled Live Life Fast thanks to a cryptic Instagram post.

You can press play on the new track above.

Roddy Ricch is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.