All The Best New Pop Music From This Week

This week in pop music saw some anticipated singles from today’s biggest pop stars. Adele officially returned to the spotlight with her new ballad, Coldplay dropped their latest album, and Latin pop star Anitta teamed up with Saweetie for a sizzling tune.

Each week, Uproxx rounds up the best new pop music. Listen up.

Adele — “Easy On Me”

After taking a few years off of music to focus on her personal life, Adele returned this week with “Easy On Me,” her first new music in nearly six years. The soaring piano ballad showcases the singer’s signature powerhouse vocals and arrives on her upcoming divorce album 30, which is a reflection on all the changes she’s recently made in her life.

Anitta, Saweetie — “Faking Love”

With their new joint single “Faking Love,” Brazilian pop singer Anitta and Saweetie prove they’re a force to be reckoned with. The dancefloor-ready track opens with a sparse, clapping beat before adding a delicious beat drop, showcasing Saweetie’s versatile flow and Anitta’s energetic songwriting.

Coldplay — “Let Somebody Go” Feat. Selena Gomez

Coldplay dropped their anticipated album Music Of The Spheres this week, which included the Selena Gomez track “Let Somebody Go.” Unlike a lot of the singles Coldplay released for this album cycle, “Let Somebody Go” is reminiscent of the band’s early discography, delivering a reflective ballad about knowing when it’s time to move on from a relationship.

Finneas — “Love Is Pain”

After weeks of teasing, Finneas dropped his debut album Optimist this week. The 13-track effort includes the loungey song “Love Is Pain,” a tender reflection on the highs and lows of love. “It’s about how painful and heartbreaking love is,” Finneas said about the track. “I wanted to write a song about an adult relationship. The more you love someone, the more they have the capacity to cause you heartbreak.”

Lauren Jauregui — “Scattered” Feat. Vic Mensa

After starting out her debut project’s rollout with a bristling ballad, Lauren Jauregui showcases her impressive vocal range with the jazzy tune “Scattered.” The eerie single gets real about having a bad day, and Vic Mensa’s guest feature adds some clever verses about getting through a depressive episode. “I’ve come to realize that when I speak about the myriad of mental issues I go through, and speak about them honestly and with no short-cuts, not only is it a catharsis for me,” Mensa said about the collaboration. “It’s also valuable for the world because so many people are going through the same manifestations.”

Kali Uchis — “If It’s To Be”

After seeing her 2020 album Sin Miedo (Del Amor Y Otros Demonios) get a major uptick in streams thanks to TikTok, Kali Uchis returns with a brand-new single. Her track “If It’s To Be” doesn’t mark a new project, however. Instead it appears on the soundtrack to Netflix’s upcoming animated film Maya And The Three. The rhythmic track draws influences from Latin music and features Uchis’ recognizable, honeyed voice as she sings of leaving things up to chance.

Remi Wolf — “WYD”

Eccentric pop star Remi Wolf dropped her debut album Juno this week after making a name for herself with her previous EPs. The album’s track “WYD” showcases the entire album’s upbeat playfulness as Wolf sings of dispelling energy vampires over a shuffling and sparkling beat.

Noa Kirel — “Bad Little Thing”

With first English-language single, Israeli-born pop singer Noa Kirel delivers the swaggering tune “Bad Little Thing.” The irresistible tune proves her pop star status as she sings of having a partner wrapped around her finger over a revved-up beat.

Chelsea Cutler — “Forever”

Platinum-certified songwriter Chelsea Cutler was another pop star who released an album this week. Her captivating sophomore effort When I Close My Eyes debuted with the snappy track “Forever,” a song that highlights Cutler’s relatable songwriting and luscious voice.

Rence — “Track Shoes”

Pop newcomer Rence expanded his catalog with the effortlessly catchy track “Track Shoes” this week. With his breathy lyrical delivery and a disco-twinged beat, Rence proves he’s well on his way to stardom. “The song is about processing the complexities of breaking up with someone, but still caring about their heart and well-being,” Rence said about ‘Track Shoes.’ “It will always sting to hear that someone I used to care so much about is going through a hard time, even if it is completely unrelated to me. That’s how I love.”

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