The Funniest Shows On Netflix Right Now, Ranked

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04.17.19 9 Comments
funniest shows on netflix


Last Updated: April 17th

Comedy is one of the most personal genres of entertainment, as subjective and divisive as politics. Thank heavens, then, for the wide library of Netflix, which is here to service all of our laughter needs. Craving a traditional laugh-tracked sitcom? A more serious, single-cam series? A mockumentary? Done, done, and done. So here are the 15 funniest shows on Netflix streaming right now.

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1. The Office (U.K.) / The Office (U.S.)

9 seasons, 201 episodes (US) 2 series, 12 episodes (UK) |
IMDb: 8.8/10 (US) 8.5/10 (UK)

Yes, this entry is cheating, since these are obviously two different series. But the latter owes its existence to the former, and is a great example of the rare success of an American remake of a beloved British property. The U.K. version was the original cringe comedy, starring Ricky Gervais as clueless boss David Brent, whose desperate attempts at connecting with his underlings are a painful exercise in futility. Steve Carell plays his American counterpart, though his Michael Scott, while equally awkward, proves himself to be more sympathetic as time goes on. There are some who will never see the U.S. version as anything other than a pale imitation of its British predecessor, and it’s true that its overextended existence (it really should have ended when Carell departed in season seven) takes some of the shine out of the series. But both can and should be viewed on their own merits, and when enjoyed as such, have moments of equal, cringe-inducing brilliance.

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