Black Milk – “Detroit’s New Dance Show”

07.28.14 3 years ago 6 Comments


Black Milk’s no rookie at incorporating electronic music in his songs but he keeps finding novel ways to make these blends fresh. “Detroit’s New Dance Show” sees the artist employ a pulsating bassline, persistent kicks and steamy snare as his backdrop. The combination creates a unique steampunk-meets-rap tinge. Then Black’s oowop flow creates a stark counterbalance to the beat’s direct nature. Sinister textures add more darkness to the song plus the whole thing hits damn hard. It’s cool with headphones but shows out on a system that lets the low-end shake the place.

He’s two for two on venturing new ground with his rhymes by my count. There may be heads who’d rather hear him cut loose over some soul samples. Well those fools have years worth of Black Milk’s material to sift through for alternatives. His forays into new tones sound dope to me and I definitely want to hear more.

“Detroit’s New Dance Show’s” the newest single from his upcoming album If There’s A Hell Below, which doesn’t have a set date yet. Fans can bide their time for new information by letting this song flourish in their speakers or catch his interview with Seattle’s KUBE 93 Sunday Night Sound Session below. There’s no wrong option here, guys.

Cred: Audacity Of Dope

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