Starlito – Mental WARfare

04.02.12 6 years ago 10 Comments

The title of Starlito’s latest work, Mental WARfare, harkens back to a title that may have been more fitting for, say, Organized Konfusion in their ’90s heyday but Starlito shows that being the braintrust behind your whole career can be challenging. Labels – both those that apply to niche artists and, literally music labels – be damned, Star’s found success by working solely with and for self, creating and releasing music at his own clip and doing a damn good job at it.

And truthfully, that very characteristic stands side by side with the fact Trash Bag Gang’s head honcho produces dope music. In addition, he continues to craft innovative ways to present the tunes. If he continues to stay true to his output, we have no problem admitting we will continue listen with heightened expectations. That’s a how a mutually beneficial relationship between artist and fan/cultural barometer will always operate. It’s also the reason people were literally contemplating dropping $100 for the project. Was he actually going to go through with it? Not at all, but it turned his Twitter timeline into Def-Con 1 momentarily.

And just like that, the music-hungry public was suddenly interested in hearing from a guy who had “the audacity” to charge 1980’s crack prices for his music. Consumer confidence, aside crafting timeless music, is the most important gift an artist could develop throughout their career, which brings me to my next point.

Hustle should always equal talent, in ideal situations at least. Until everyone sings the praises of the self proclaimed Renaissance Gangster, we’ll keep spreading the gospel.

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