Nardwuar Exercises His Usual Wizardry In New El-P Interview

07.26.12 5 years ago 5 Comments

The work of oddball Canadian journalist Nardwuar – who has inexplicably and amazingly become an integral figure in Hip-Hop media – is filled with so many unique and unexpected moments to the point where pretty much all his videos are required viewing. His latest interview with El-P, producer of two of the most acclaimed rap albums of the year in Killer Mike’s R.A.P. Music and his own Cancer 4 Cure, is no different. Here are five highlights from their encounter:

— El-P recreating a photo with the Biz Markie doll from the famed ego trip’s Book of Rap Lists.

— Killer Mike stopping through to explain the science behind getting T.I. to rap over an El-P beat.

— Nardwuar presenting El-P with a Criminal Minded Glock 9 USB keychain.

– El-P detailing how Def Jux used to watermark review copies of his albums with the names of journalists to prevent leaks.

— El-P’s amusing approach to vacating Nardwuar’s patented end-of-interview pose…oh, just watch it!

Seen: RTD

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