Melo-X Feat. Paul McCartney & Erykah Badu – “Gone Baby” Video

12.20.10 7 years ago 3 Comments

Yeah, the song’s co-stars only appear in the theoretical sense (read: the sample), but let us dismiss all thoughts of a Beatle and Bella for a second. Melo-X successfully taps into the harvest grove of love by puppeteering R&B to carry out his Hip-Hop deeds. With his power for passionate songpieces, he doesn’t let a moment to make “music” with his woman slip by until she’s gone…baby…gone.

All this Afrocentric loving calls for another Taye Diggs/Sanaa Latham flick, produced by Miramax Films or something. You can let Jesse Boykins III & The Light Up Film crew direct it. They did a solid job on the video.

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