Machine Gun Kelly Feat. Mike Posner – “On Fire (Drug Dealer Girl Pt. 2)”

10.06.11 6 years ago 5 Comments

Having the Bad Boy brand on your back is definitely a good look connections-wise, but it’s also undoubtedly adding to the pressure for MGK. So, after a stellar first half of the year got him put on, the Cleveland kid is now working on churning out hits for his debut album. After tearing up the club with Waka Flocka on “Wild Boy,” you’d think Kelly would be catering to the radio with his Mike-Posner-assisted “On Fire (Drug Dealer Girl Pt. 2).” But, surprisingly, this sequel of sorts to Posner’s break-out song from his One Foot Out The Door mixtape is actually much darker than expected, as the girl known for making bomb-ass pieces from water bottles ends up slipping Mike a mickey and screwing up his night. Literally.

While it probably won’t make his debut, this slow-motion hit is slated for his upcoming mini-release RagePack, that will will drop this fall and also feature a DVD called Half-Naked & Almost Famous.

DownloadMachine Gun Kelly Feat. Mike Posner – “On Fire (Drug Dealer Girl Pt. 2)”

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